The sibling game

2 siblings from 9 different family's are chosen to be in the TV show " the sibling game " they are all to stay in a house together and complete tasks . The siblings must work together to win . During their stay, zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Luke, Ashton, calum and Michael find it hard when they fall for the sisters and getting along with everyone . Not only will the sibling game be about winning and siblings but friendship and love


9. who likes who

* Luke's prov *

That girl with red hair is really interesting, I think her name is Emily and I know Marion is friends with her. I hear down to breakfast and sit on the opposite side of the table but in her area. Soon enough everyone else comes and we start eating. I see her talking to Marion and some other girls and I whisper to the girl next to me " can you ask for the girl with red hairs name " and she says " sure " and leans over to her and whispers " what's your name ? " and she whispers back " Emily " then that girl whispers to me " Emily " and u whisper back " ok thanks. "

* Marion's prov *

" Emily I think Luke likes you " I say after hearing what Shyanne asked Emily what her name was and Emily blushes and says " oh. " we finish eating and Anna says " today you guys will have to solve a mystery, I'll pick one of you to be the victim and their will be clues to help you all figure out who it is, I'll talk to each person separately " and one by one she calls us off to talk to, she soon gets to my name and when we are ok the room she says " I'll make it you so what are things that you like ? " I say " Ashton, tooth picks, music, the vamps, my friends, cloths, makeup, nail polish and that's pretty much it " and Anna says " ok thanks " then we both get out and she starts talking to other people. When she is done she says " ok I want you all to stay in your rooms till I say so and I'll put things around and I'll tell you when you can start " and we all hear to our rooms tall told to leave.

* shyannas prov *

I don't really know what people are like but I'll try my best. I hear a nock on the door and go get it, it was Anna and age said " you guys may start " and leaves to the next room and I say " Niall we can start now " Niall says " ok " and gets up from his bed . Niall and I start looking. I see others looking too, Niall and I go near the fish tank and I see tooth picks near and I say " Niall look those tooth picks weren't there before, i think they are a clue, know anybody that likes them ? " he replies with " no I don't " we continue looking.

Later on Niall and I are near the speakers and Niall says " look a CD " he picks it up and it says " the vamps " on on it and I say " I believe Marion, Emily and Brooke like them but that's all I know " and Niall says " ok that narrows it down " we walk past the table abs we see nail polish and I say " I still think Emily Marion or Brooke " and Niall argues " I think Brooke or Marion " I sigh in announces. We walk pass sole doors and I see a note that says " likes brown haired boys " and i say " I know Marion does " Niall says " ok then it's probably her " we walk over to the living room and sit on the couch. Later on everyone else joins us and Anna says " it was Marion and I think the styles did the best so they win " and then we all get up and head to the table for lunch. Every sat where they say last time.

* zayns prov *

" who do you guys like or find pretty ? " Harry asks us all Louis says " they are all very pretty but if I were to choose one it would be Rachael " Harry nods his hear in agreement and I look at the girls and think about it. Niall says " just like what Louis said they are all very pretty but I would say Brooke " and Liam shoots him a glare and says " I think Shyanne " and Niall shoots him a glare. I finally make up my mind and say " Maylynn " and Louis looks at me like wtf ? And I know he's not happy and Harry says " well I think her are all very beautiful girls but probably Larissa " and I'm cool of it. Harry says to Ashton " you should ask Luke, Michael and calum who they like or find pretty and who is it for you ? " and he answers Harry with " ok and Marion " then he goes and ask them. A few seconds later he says to Harry " Luke likes Emily, Michael likes molly and calum likes Jenny " and Harry says " ok thanks.

* Jenny's prov *

I heard all the guys tell each other who they like so I think I'll ask all the lady's who they like. " so who do y'all like ? "

Maylynn says " zayn " Marion says " Ashton " Shyanne says " Liam " Emily says " Luke " molly says " Michael " Brooke says " Niall " Larissa says " Harry " Rachael says " Louis " and I say " calum " and then Anna says " ok you guys have free time for the rest of the day, dinner is the same Time and we have a dance this weekend it will be a ball " and we all leave to do are own thing. I hear to Harry and ask " do you know who all the guys like ? " and he says " yeah I do " and I say " could yiu tell me ? I'll tell you who all the girls like " and he said " ok " and tells me and I tell him who the girls like. Emily comes up to me and says " all the girls are going shopping if you want to come " and i say " sure. "

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