The sibling game

2 siblings from 9 different family's are chosen to be in the TV show " the sibling game " they are all to stay in a house together and complete tasks . The siblings must work together to win . During their stay, zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Luke, Ashton, calum and Michael find it hard when they fall for the sisters and getting along with everyone . Not only will the sibling game be about winning and siblings but friendship and love


3. the letter

* at the Tomlinson house *

Louis prov

" I'll go get the mail today " I yelled to everyone, " ok " Maylynn and mum said back . A few minuets later I come back with the mail, I put the news paper down and give my mum her mail and then look at the last thing and it says " to : Louis and Maylynn, one of the winners to be in the sibling game " I then said to Maylynn " this is for us " and she said " ok " and we walked over too the kitchen and sat at the table and opened it together . The letter said " here's all the information you'll need for the sibling game . The sibling game will take place in L.A, America . Be at the L.A airport by 1:20 and look for the sigh that says " the sibling game " and check in their . Their will be your guid that will tell you everything you need to know and leave on Thursday for L.A and take the quickest flit . Go to the L.A web sight and it will tell you the temp so you'll know how to pack but rather then that good luck " . " that's in 2 days " maylynn said, I say " yeah so we better get packing " our mum then comes up and says " what's in two days ? " I say " the day we have to leave for the sibling game " and she says " ok and what time do you guys need to get to the L.A airport ? " and this time Maylynn tells her " 1:20 " and mum says " ok so you guys will have to leave here at 7:20, I'll find a flight that will get you guys there " " ok " we both say

* at the horans house *

Shyannes prov *

I just saw the mail man go by as my mum yells " SHYANNE GET THE MAIL " " OK MUM " I yell back to her and walk outside to get the mail, their wasn't much just the news paper and a letter . " so what we got ? " Niall said and I said " just the news paper and a letter " and he said " ok cool and who the letter for ? " and I look at it abs say " us " and he says " ok then let's look at it " and we open it right were we where standing . Niall reads it and only says the important things like " we have to be there at 1:20 on Thursday and their will be a guid the help us and stuff and we need to get the fastest flight we can which means we will have to leave at 6:20 and we will have to go to the L.A web sight to know what to pack " and I say " ok sounds great, I'll tell mum " and Niall says " ok " and goes and gets on his phone and I guess he's going to the L.A web sight and I go to tell mum .

* at the hemmings house *

* Luke's prov *

" hey look what I found in the mail today " I say to Marion, " what ? What is it " she says " it's the latter that says everything we need to know " I say to her and she says " ok then open it " and I go to the living room and sit on the couch to open it . Marion then asks " so what it say ? " and I say " well we have to get to L.A at 1:20 so we should leave at 10:00 at night and their will be a person with a sigh saying " the sibling game on it " who I also think will be are guid and we need to go to the L.A web sight to know how to pack " and she says " ok, I'll go to the web sight then, what is it " as she walks over to the computer and I say " go to " and she says " ok " .

* at the Irwin house *

* Molly's prov *

" Ashton go get the mail " I say " no you do it " he says back and I say " no you " and then mum comes and says " now both of you quit it and Ashton get the mail " Ashton sighs and says " ok " and Walks out and gets the mail and comes back and says " their was a kangaroo In the yard " and I say " that's cool " and then he says " yeah and their was one thing in the mail for molly and I and senses I got it I sat molly should open it " and I say " okay " and take it from him and open it and read it my self and when I'm done he says " so what it say ? " and I say " I'm not telling " and he said " ok whatever " and grabs it from me and reads it .

* at the paynes house *

* Liam's prov *

" Brooke go get the mail " I told Brooke " ugh but I'm in the middle of a good book " she says back " well I don't want to do it and a letter about the sibling game is probable in it " I say back " ok fine I'll get the mail " Brooke says as she puts her book down and walks out the door . A few mins later she comes back with an envelop and she says " it's for us " and I say " ok then open it " and she opens it . After reading it out loud we review everything and find out what time we will have to leave and then I say " I'll get us a flight and you go to the web sight " and she says " ok " and heads over to the computer and I take the laptop .

* at Malik's house *

* Larissa's prov *

I just saw the mail man walk up to are house and put the mail through the slot so I get up and go get it . I look at the mail and see zayn and I have the letter from the sibling game so I yell to zayn " we have a letter " and he yells back " ok come to my room " and I say " ok I'll be right their " and I walk up the stairs to his room and he takes from me and reads it out loud . When he's done he says " that gives us a few days to get ready, so let's get started " and I say " ok I guess I'll see what suitcases we can use " and he says " ok and I'll look at the web page " and I say " ok " and leave his room to go look for suitcases .

* at the hoods house *

* Calums prov *

" mum what you got " I asked mum as she walks in the house with the mail, she says " just the mail and some food " and I say " ok cool, can I look at the mail ? " and she says " yeah sure " and I walk over to her and grab the mail . I flip through most if it when I see something that says " to : calum and Rachel hood

From : the sibling game "

So I go find Rachel in her room doing something on her phone . Once she sees me she yells " get out of my room calum " and I say " no I have something for us " and she sighs annoyed and says " what is it ? " and I say " this " and lift up the letter and she says " well let's open it " and I say " ok " and we open it together and then she reads out loud . I say " so who is going to find the temp and get us a flight ? " and she says " I will " and u say " ok " and walked out of her room .

* at the Clifford's house *

* Emily's prov *

As I was walking home from the walk I took a decided to get the mail . I was looking through the mail and saw something for Michael and I so I put the other mail down and yell to Michael " Mikey theirs some mail for us " and Michael yells back " don't call me Mikey and ok I'm coming " I knew he did like me calling him Mikey and that's why I did it . He was now in the living room like I was and said " so can I open it ? " and I said " yeah sure " knowing he would get mad if he couldn't . A few mins later he say " you get the flight I'll go to the web sight " and I said " ok " not really knowing what he meant Because he did tell me anything or let me read so when he put it down and left I picked it up and read it .

* at the styles house *

* Harry's prov *

" Harry, Jennifer I've got something for you guys " our mum yells to us . We both get to her and say " what ? " and she says " I've got a letter from the sibling game for you guys " and I say " that's amazing " and Jennifer says " yeah it really is " and then I take it and open it but then mum says " whoa their " and I say " what ? " and begin reading it . When I finish reading it mum says " I'll get you guys a flight and Jen you go to the web sight ok ? " and Jen says " ok mum " and I then say " wait for me Jen I wanna go with you " and she says " ok " I think in my head, this is really exciting .

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