The sibling game

2 siblings from 9 different family's are chosen to be in the TV show " the sibling game " they are all to stay in a house together and complete tasks . The siblings must work together to win . During their stay, zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Luke, Ashton, calum and Michael find it hard when they fall for the sisters and getting along with everyone . Not only will the sibling game be about winning and siblings but friendship and love


8. the first test

* Emily's Pov *

Yesterday was fun and relaxing, Anna put a paper that says how are day will be and we need to be at breakfast at 8am. I woke up at 7:00 so I could use the bathroom and set an alarm for Michael cuz I knew he wouldn't get up.

* BEEP * the alarm went off. " what the fuck ? " I hear Michaels angry morning voice say " I set an alarm " I say in the bathroom door " why ? " Michael asks angry " because you need to get up and I'm leaving be down at 7:50 " I say as I walk out and leave Michael to head down to the breakfast table. When I get there I see that molly, Marion, Rachel, calum, Harry, Maylynn, Brooke and Ashton already down and waiting for the rest. I take a seat next to molly who is sitting next to Rachel and next to me is Marion and I the other side is calum sitting in the middle and Ashton a seat away from him and in the vary bed near us Maylynn and I say " hi " to her and she says " hi " back and then I said "how are you ? " and she says " great thanks for asking " and then another girl comes down and sits next to her, I believe this girls name is Shyanne. Anna comes and sits on the other side at the end and says " I'm glade to see that most of you are here and ready at 7:30, now let's try and get everyone ready at the time that would be great. "

It's now 7:55 and Michael finally comes down and I whisper to my side of the table " I knew he would be the last one " and they all giggle quietly and Anna says " now that everyone is here I would like to say that you and your sibling have to find the following items " as she passes out a paper with items on it.

After breakfast Anna says " you may all start looking for them. " Michael and I look at are paper and I say " I think I know where this is " and Michael says in excitement " where ! " and I say " follow me " and he follows me to a hallway he's never been in and I open a door and we look inside the room. Michael picks up the the item then looks at the next thing and it says " a horseshoe " and he says " where are we going to find that ? " and I say " I know where " and I Lead him to the horse part if the barn abs we grab a horseshoe. I see molly and Ashton walking over here so Michael and I quickly get out. In about an half hour we are back in the living room with everyone else and Anna says " well everyone got that done nice. We will play a game of golf and in order to win you and your sibling must get along and get the most points together " and she leads us out side to the gold carts and each pear of siblings picks a golf cart. " I want this one " I say walking up to a purple one " ew no " Michael says in disgust " ok then what one do you want ? " I ask him " how about this green one " he says pointing at the one across from mine. I see that Marion and Luke picked out a light blue one and molly and Ashton have a red one. I say " but I really want the purple one " and Michael says " well how about the light purple ? Because I won't do a dark purple " and I say " ok. " we are waiting on the others now.

Jenns prov

Harry wants a dark blue and I thought about but then say that light green and thought " I like that one " so I say " can we use that light green one ? " and Harry says " maybe " . I hear Shyanne say " can we use this one Niall ? " pointing at the dark blue and he says " sure " so Harry says " I guess we can " and we walk over to the light green one and take it.

Rachael's prov

" cal can we use the dark purple or is it too girly for you ? " I ask him " I don't know I was thinking the yellow one " and I say " i don't know maybe " a u see the girl named Brooke take a orange one with her brother Liam and zayn and Larissa come up and say " are you guys going to use this one ? " and cal says " I guess not " and they say " ok well we will " and we walk away and I say " so is it the purple one ? " and he says " I guess ". Anna comes up to use abs says " you may all start and remember this isn't a race and I'll be behind you all to watch " and then the first people start, the Hemmings. As soon as they finish the whole the siblings that were ready next go and so on. It finally gets to us and I say " I'll go first " and calum says " ok " and I set my tip up and swing.

Emily's prov

It's the 9th hole, Michael and I have been doing pretty well. We are waiting for molly and Ashton to finish.

" oops " I hear Ashton say while he goes to the stream to look for his ball. Molly takes her turn then waits for Ashton to come back with his ball. Once they leave Michael and I start. We are about half way to the hole when Michael says " hurry up " and I say " I am " and the I see Anna coming by, she's been driving around once in a while to Check up on us and to tell us how many holes we have left as she gets to us she says " 10 left " and then keeps driving to the next hole.

Michael and I finally get to the 18th hole, the last one and boy it looked hard, it had a lot of water. A swing and luckily it stays on land. Michael swings and it falls I'm the water abs he yells " fuck " and I go to my ball and swing and it makes it to the light green near the hole. Michael swings and it makes on land this time. I swung mine and it gets inches away from the hole, Michael then swings and gets his on the green. I take a small light bump and it goes in. Two hits later Michael gets his in and we head back to wait for everyone.

About 20 mins later everyone is back and Anna says " I think the styles did the best and it is now lunch time so you may eat then do what ever you want for the red of the night just go to bed at 11:00 abs dinner is at 7:00.

After lunch molly says " you guys wanna go swimming ? " and everyone says " yes " so we all go to our rooms and get in our swimsuits. Harry yells " the last one in has to clean everything up and has to smell my feet " and everyone rushes to get in. The last person was Niall. It was now 3 and everyone seemed tired so we all got out and dried up, I think we all ended up taking showers. Later on we all head to the game room and before we know it, it was time for dinner. For dinner we had sole weird beef thing with salad. Anna says " you guys have an hour then I want you all in bed " it was already 8 so at 10 we would need to be in our rooms. We all head back to the game room. Luke goes up to me and asks " you wanna do a fans of air hockey ? " and I try not to blush and say " yeah sure " and we hear to the air hockey game and start playing. During the game Luke stops to use the bathroom abs Marion says " I think he likes you " and I say " that would be cool " and she laughs then he comes back and we continue are game. After it is finished we all head up to our rooms for the night. I try to fall a sleep but Michael is on his phone.

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