The sibling game

2 siblings from 9 different family's are chosen to be in the TV show " the sibling game " they are all to stay in a house together and complete tasks . The siblings must work together to win . During their stay, zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Luke, Ashton, calum and Michael find it hard when they fall for the sisters and getting along with everyone . Not only will the sibling game be about winning and siblings but friendship and love


10. the ball

* Jenns prov *

It's Saturday, the day of the ball! I'm kinda excited. Anna said the guys have to ask the girls and I really hope calum asks me to dance. That would be a dream. I head down to the dinner table and sit next to my friends, Emily and Maylynn. Emily was also sitting next to her friend molly and molly was sitting next to Rachael and next to Rachel was Marion, next to her was Brooke and next to Maylynn was Shyanne and next to her was Larissa. Emily says " y'all wanna get ready together ? " all the girls says " yeah " and molly says " we can all get ready in my room " and everyone says " ok. " we all finish eating and Anna says " you may all get ready for the ball, I'll give you an hour then meet me in the ball room " everyone gets up and heads to their rooms. Once I get my stuff a head to Molly's and everyone else soon come. Molly says " I was thinking some of us put are dress on while other work on nails, make up and hair and we should all pick a partner and choose what to start with " I go up to Emily and say " you wanna be my partner ? " and she says " sure and you wanna get into are dresses first ? " and I say " sure " I see Brooke and Marion getting out Nail polish and a small line for the bathroom, molly and Rachael were doing their nails too. Emily and I head to the line for the bathroom, luckily their was only 3 other people in it. Soon it's my turn to change and I get in the bathroom. When I'm done I wait for Emily to get in her dress then she says " you wanna do hair now ? " and I say " yeah sure " and she says " ok I was thinking I would curl mine and put it up in a bun ". I say " I'm not sure how that will work " and she gets on her phone and shows me and I say " ok " and I start working on her hair.

* Emily's prov *

I'm wearing a purple dress that is long, puffs out a little sparkly, sweet heart neckline with fake diamonds around the top. Jenn was doing my hair, I see molly, Shyanne, and Marion getting their hair done as well and Larissa was doing her nails. Everyone one was in their dresses. We have 30 mins til it's time. 15 mins later jenn finishes my hair and she says " can you put mine in a bun with a curl on each side ? " abs I say" yeah I will " and I easily put her hair in a bun and leave two even stings of hair out to curl which only took a second to do and she said " you want you nails done ? " and I say " no you ? " and she says " no " and we go over to the make up section and she says " I'll do your make up, you want pup leek to match your dress ? " and I say " sure " and she starts putting on purple eye shadow and after the eye shadow she does black eye liner and mascara then I put lip stick on. Other girls started putting make up on as well. I tell jenn that I can't really put make up on her cuz I'll mess up and she says " that's fine I'll do it my self " and i say " ok " we now only have 7 mins and everyone is ready so we head down to the ball room, it wasn't too big or too small but it was defiantly a Cinderella ball room. Anna says " well it looks like everyone is here, now remember only the guys can ask girls to dance and you can dance with as many people as to want and have fun " and she leaves us and music stars to play. Calum goes up to jenn and they start dancing. Harry acting like Prince Charming asks Larissa to dance. I see Luke come up to me " will you dance with me please ? " he says as he gets to me and I say " yeah I will " and we start dancing. Marion and Ashton dance together, molly and Mikey, Shyanne and Liam, Brooke and Niall, Maylynn, Rachael and Louis. About 20 mins into dancing the chandelier breaks and the lights turn off. I grab on to Luke and he whispers " it will be ok " Anna comes in with a flashlight and says " everyone go to rooms and do whatever you want till 11:00 " and she hands everyone a flashlight and we all head back to our rooms.

" so you were dancing with Luke ? " Michael asked me when we get to our room, I say " yeah " and he says " ok " and I get in too my pjs and lay on my bed on my phone tell it's 11:00.

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