The sibling game

2 siblings from 9 different family's are chosen to be in the TV show " the sibling game " they are all to stay in a house together and complete tasks . The siblings must work together to win . During their stay, zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Luke, Ashton, calum and Michael find it hard when they fall for the sisters and getting along with everyone . Not only will the sibling game be about winning and siblings but friendship and love


5. The airport

* Michael's prov *

We just got off the plain and are in L.A . I asks Emily " do you see the sigh ? " abs she says " yeah over there " while pointing to the left and i say " ok " and we walk over there . The person holding the sigh says " hi my name is Anna and I'll be your guid, go get your things then meet me back her and you guys are the ? " and I say " we are the Clifford's " and she says " ok " and looks down at her paper and at my guess she checked our name off. Emily and I go get are things and when we are back we see other people standing around her with their things .

* Ashton's prov *

I see the girl molly was talking to and tap her on the shoulder and say " look " while pointing at her and molly says " I see " and calls out " Emily over here " and her and her brother walk over here . I say " hi " and they both said " hi " back . Molly and Emily go off into their own conversation so I decided to talk to her brother . " hi I'm Ashton Irwin and you are ? " I say while putting my hand out to shake and he says " I'm Michael Clifford " and I say " nice to meet you Michael " and he shakes my hand .

* Marion's prov *

I see two other girls, I think I'll go talk to them . " hi I'm Marion hemmings " I say and the girl with red hair says " hi I'm Emily Clifford and is that your brother ? " and I say " yeah it is " and she says " cool " and then I say " who's this girl your talking too " and she says " my friend molly " and I say " oh cool " .

* calums prov *

" hey Rachel go talk to those girls " and she says " ok " in a gloomy voice and walks over to them while I turn and talk to this blond guy " hi I'm calum " I say " hey I'm Luke " he says kinda shy and I say " I really like your lip piercing " and he says " thanks " with a smile on his face and then says " you know who the girl with red hair is ? " and I say " nope " popping the P and he says " ok " and I say " well you'll find because your sister " and he does a quit laugh and says " yeah " . 10 mins or so I see two other people walking turds us .

* Shyannes prov *

I see the sigh that says " the sibling game " on it and before I know it Niall and I are there, a lady says " hello my name is Anna, I'll be your guid . Please tell me your name then go get your belongings " and Niall says " we are the horans " and she checks us off then we go get our things. When we are back I go up to the group of girls and say " where are you guys from ? " and one of them says " Australia " and I say " cool, my brother and I are from Ireland " and they say " cool " .

* Brooke's prov *

" we are finally here " I say to Liam, he says " yeah I know " 8 other join us as we are walking to the sigh that says " the sibling game " someone says " I believe we are the last ones here " and another says " yeah " . When we all reach the lady she says " I'm Anna your guid and I'll need you all to tell me your names and then go get your things and come back here . I see I guy and a girl with dark hair come up and say " Malik " and then a curly haired guy says " styles and then a brown haired guy says " Tomlinson " and Liam says " Payne " and we walk away .

* Jenns prov "

When we get back to Anne she says " ok that's all of you " and then yells " ok everyone follow me to the bus, the bus will take us to the house " and everyone picks up their belongings and follows her .

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