The sibling game

2 siblings from 9 different family's are chosen to be in the TV show " the sibling game " they are all to stay in a house together and complete tasks . The siblings must work together to win . During their stay, zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Luke, Ashton, calum and Michael find it hard when they fall for the sisters and getting along with everyone . Not only will the sibling game be about winning and siblings but friendship and love


16. interviews and dates

*Shyanne's prov*

I was busy cleaning part of Niall's and mine room when I hear from next door someone yelling at someone else.

"No you can't" I hear a mans voice, Niall was getting food from the kitchen so I stop and put my head up to the wall. "I'll do what I want Liam!" I hear a girl yell. It must of been Brooke and Liam fighting.

"Just because your a minute older then me doesn't me you are totally in charge of me" she yells.

He makes a noise like a huff or something but I couldn't quit tell. The door slams and I move away from the wall and continue cleaning. "So you spying ?" I hear Niall say and jump "what you talking about ?" I ask wondering if he saw me or not. "I saw you leaning up against the wall" then a knock is heard from the door. Niall gets it.

It was Brooke.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime ?" She asks with a perfect smile. "Sure" he says putting a smile on his face. "Well meet me downstairs in the kitchen at 6" she says then leaves.

Niall shuts the door with a big smile on his face and pink cheeks. "Someone got a crush" I tease "shut up" he says trying to hide his blush. "Go eat your food then finish cleaning" I say about to leave "fine" he says In a sigh of defeat.

I head my way down stairs. I bump into Someone and as soon as I look up to see who it is, I open my mouth to say 'sorry' but he speaks "wouldyouliketogooutwithme?" He said it so fast I couldn't tell what he said. "Liam slow down so I know what your staying" I speak to him. He sighs and says "would you like to go out with me" I could see the nerves in him and smiled "yeah I would" he smiles "ok great. I'll have something planned for the weekend" "ok" I say and head the rest of the way downstairs.

I met Brooke down there and she says "hey could you help me with something ?" And I go unsure "um sure" and she says "ok thanks" and we go and sit on the couch.

"What type of food does Niall like ?" She asks in a low quit voice. Almost a whisper. "Everything" I say and she says "well could you name a few ?"

"Chicken, pizza, noodles, fruit bowls basically anything" I tell her. "Ok thank you" she's says as she finishes writing what I said down then she gets up and leaves.

*nialls prove*

I run into Liam as I walk out of room. I gives him a nice smile and a wave and he says "hey" "hey" I say back. "Would you mind helping me ?" He asks "um yeah sure, what do you need help with ?" I ask him, "well I was, " he stretches his arm, "wondering if you could tell what your sister likes for a date." I sigh and say "I guess.. Well likes horse riding, carnivals or just cuddling and playing video games" Liam nods "ok thanks mate" "no problem" I say then shut my door.

I hear Liam's footsteps of him leaving then I get called to the office for an interview.

I head down the stairs to a hall and I a small office room. The camera gets focused on me and I sit down in a chair in front of the Camera man and the narrator, who is jack peck.

"So Niall how do you feel about everything that's been happening so far ? Things have been taking so different turns"

"Good" I say with a smile on my face with my teeth showing.

"So tell us Niall, how do you feel about Brooke ?" "Well she's a really great girl, has a cute laugh and is just beautiful"

"What about her brother, Liam ?" "Well he seems pretty cool" I didn't want to say anything mean, not that I wasn't telling the truth but there was more.

"How do you feel about him asking your sister out ?" "Well i asks his do it was only fair. As long as she doesn't get hurt then it's fine"

"Alright Niall thanks for coming"

"It was a pleasure" I say then get up and leave.

I think Brooke, Ashton, Marion and Harry all got interviewed as well. It's now six O'clock and we ahead to meet up at the living room to watch today's show. I was cleaning up Brooke's and mine mess in the kitchen from the date. We made food then ate it for the date, nothing to fancy.

On the other hand Liam and shyanne went to Disney land for an hour, that was all they were given cause we are not suppose to leave.

As soon as everyone was down Anna plays the clip for us. It was quiet funny watching how are day went. We didn't do much. Everyone laughed. I got so embarrassed when they played my interview but Marion and Emily end up getting in a little fight! She said some mean things.

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