The sibling game

2 siblings from 9 different family's are chosen to be in the TV show " the sibling game " they are all to stay in a house together and complete tasks . The siblings must work together to win . During their stay, zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Luke, Ashton, calum and Michael find it hard when they fall for the sisters and getting along with everyone . Not only will the sibling game be about winning and siblings but friendship and love


11. I must approve first

* Emily's prov *

The next morning at breakfast Anna says " I'm

Sorry that happen, we had a small power out and we are fixing the chandelier, I'm just glad no one got hurt, today is just a free day " when I finish eating I go to the game room and everyone follows, calum says " anyone wanna play Mario cart ? " I say " I will " and zayn and molly both say " sure " and we all sit down and start playing.

* Luke's prov *

I'm thinking of taking Emily out to Starbucks but right now she is playing Mario chart and is doing really good. I decided to watch. Marion and Brooke are playing air hockey and Louis, Harry, Ashton and Michael are playing follis ball, Maylynn, Shyanne and jenn are sitting on the couch talking and Rachael is watching the Mario cart game. The first race just ended and calum says " I can't believe I was beat " and I say " and by a girl " and he says " shut up " and them they do the next race which is the one on the highway. She won this time. They start the next race. After they finished playing zayn says " I can't believe it, beaten by a girl " and she giggles, and gets up to go watch the air hockey game and I follow her and say " hey Emily " and and she looks back at me and says " what ? " and I say " I was wondering if you wanted to go to Starbucks with me " and she says " sure " and I say " ok well let's go " and she follows me out, sense their is no car we walk, thankfully LA isn't too far, just a few miles. After walking for like an hour we finally get into town and I say " Starbucks is over there " and point across the street and she says " ok " and we get ready to cross the street.

We get to Starbucks and it was very busy, it was lunch hour so who knew. We wait in line for a while and we finally get to the front after waiting for like 25 mins and the lady at the desk says " what can I get you ? " and I say " I'll have the vanilla lotta " and she says " ok and name please " and I say " Luke " and she says " ok " and grabs a medium size cup and writes my name on in bad a vl and says to Emily " what can I get for you dear " and she says " I'll have the Reese's lotta " and the lady says " ok and name ? " and Emily says " Emily " and the lady grabs a medium cup and writes Emily rl on it. I say to Emily " go find us a seat and I'll wait for our drinks " and she says " ok " and leaves to find a seat as I wait for our seats.

20 mins later the lady calls " Luke and Emily " and I assume it's us and go up to the pick up area and see that it is us and grab them and they go and look for Emily, I see her outside sitting. I go out to her and set her drink down and sit down as well. I say " isn't America cool ? " and she says " well it's just LA that we get to see so I can't really answer that " with a smile on her face and I chuckle and says " well yeah true but isn't LA cool ? " and she says " yeah " and say " yeah it is " abs she takes and sip of her drink and ask " why did you get that kind ? " and she says " well I just really like Reese " and I giggle a little and say " ok " and I take a sip of mine.

" well we better head back it's like 2:20 now " and she says " ok " and we both stand up with our drinks in our hands and start walking back. When we get back Michael comes up to us and says " where did you two go ? " and I say " I took her to Starbucks as a date " and Michael has a pissed look and says " you may not take my sister on a date " and before I know it he punches me and Emily says " Michael stop " and Michael says " no I don't want you dating him " and punches me again and gives me a bloody nose and I say " I'm sorry I won't take her out again " and Michael says " good " and Emily says " I can't believe you Michael " and follows me to the bathroom but then Michael says " where do you think your going ? " and she says " to help Luke " and Michael says " no your not going to " and Emily says " Michael you are not mum or dad and I can do what I want if you like it or not " and walks to the bathroom where I am and says " I'm sorry about my brother being a asshole " and I say " it's ok " and and grabs some paper towel and gets it wet and says " here this will help " and I say " ok thanks " and she says " and tilt your head up too " and I say " ok " and I tilt my head up and she gets another wet paper towel and starts washing the blood of my face.

* Michael's prov *

I really don't like this Luke guy and I don't want Emily being around him. I walk into the game room again and Ashton could tell I was mad abs he says " what happened ? " and I say " Emily went on a date with Luke and I don't really like Luke " and Ashton says " oh, your just going to let it be " and I say " I'll try " and I go and sit down on the couch. Soon Luke and Emily come back I go up to them and say " I'm sorry " and Luke says " it's ok " and I say to Emily " if you want you can hang out with Luke and whatever else " and she hugs me and says " thanks " and then goes to play fools ball with Luke, Larissa and Harry. A few hours later it's dinner time. Luke sits next to her. After dinner we all head back to the game room for a few hours then we go back to our rooms. Emily gets ready fast and then goes and lays in her bed and I assume she's txting Luke.

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