The sibling game

2 siblings from 9 different family's are chosen to be in the TV show " the sibling game " they are all to stay in a house together and complete tasks . The siblings must work together to win . During their stay, zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Luke, Ashton, calum and Michael find it hard when they fall for the sisters and getting along with everyone . Not only will the sibling game be about winning and siblings but friendship and love


2. finding out

* at the styles house *

* Jenny's prov *

" Harry are you ready to see if we've made it ?" I asked Harry " yeah I am, got the popcorn ? " harry asked jenny " yeah I do " I said to Harry as we sat down and turned on the tv . Both mum and dad were watching as the tv announcer says " and now time to start a new season of the sibling game, their was I lot of people that applied this time so I wish you all a good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor " and he winks and walks over to the England drawing station . He was about to pick when he says " it looks like a lot of English folk wanted in and it looks like the " and then he pauses and pulls out a paper and says " the styles siblings harry and Jennifer are in , I'll pull out a few more from England then move to Another country to pick from " and then it went to commercial " OMG harry we made it! " I say to Harry I'm excitement " yeah I know jenn, after it's over wanna pack ? " Harry asked me " yeah sure I say " and we wait for the commercial break to be over

* at the paynes house *

*liams prov *

" look mum they haven't picked us yet and theirs a lot of other " i say to my mum . " oh come on Liam you guys still have a chance " she says back " yeah Liam and I hope we make it in " Brooke says too me " I don't " abs then it's back on and you can hear the announcers voice " and we are back, so far we have one pear of siblings in and it's now time to pick another " and he walks over to England's blow and picks another one out and says " it looks like the paynes will be joining us " . " yay! " Brooke shouts and I just grunt " oh come on Liam get in a better mood " Brooke says and I say " I will when this is over " and she says " whatever " and we wait for the guy to speak again .

* at the Malik's house *

* Larissa's prov *

" so far the styles and paynes are in for are country, do you think he pick are name out ? " I ask zayn " I don't we will see, with all those other names in we have a slim chance " he says and then we both look worried and look back at the tv . " and I'll now pull from the England bowl two more times then switch " as he reaches his hand deep down and then takes it back out and says " and now these lucky siblings from the Malik family will join us, their names are Larissa and zayn and I did forget to say the payn siblings are Liam and Brooke " and then it cuts to commercial .

* the Tomlinson house *

* Louis prov *

" we've got one chance to get in " I say " yeah and it's not like we are " Maylynn says " whatever " I say back . The commercial break was over and the announcer says " and now time for are last pick in England " and he puts his hand in and grabs from the top " it looks like the Tomlinsons, Louis and Maylynn are the last of the siblings from England and now I'll pick from Australia " and he walks over to the Australia bowl . Louis let's out a sigh and then says " let's see who else we will be against " .

* the Irwin house *

* Molly's prov *

" their on are country now " molly says kinda sad " oh come on molly it won't be to bad " my mum says " well I kinda agree wiry molly " Ashton says " well you guys fight a lot and you guys will have to get along in this so it will be a change " our mum says . The announcer guy now says " the is about half filled so a fat amount " and he puts his hand in and takes it out a few seconds later and says " and the Irwin's are the ones I pick, their names are molly and Ashton " and it goes to commercial . " oh joy we are in " I say sarcastically " that's great " mum says and Ashton says " well who are the other ? " and mum gets on the laptop and reads out the names " all of these people are from England, the styles, paynes, Malik's and Tomlinsons and theirs even pictures of them with each persons name if you want to know " and Ashton and I both say " yeah I want to see " and mum laughs and says " ok " and hands us the laptop to look .

* the hoods house *

* calums prov *

" so Rachel I found out who the other are " and Rachel says " ok, who are they " and I say " the styles, Jennifer and man is she pretty and harry, the paynes, Brooke and Liam, the Malik's, zayn and Larissa, the Tomlinsons, Maylynn and Louis and we know about the Irwin's " and then Rachel says " ok sounds interaction " and then the commercials were done and the announcer says " and also coming from Australia " and pauses to pull out a slip of paper and after looking at it for a second he says " the hoods, calum and Rachel " and goes a throws the paper away .

* the hemmings house *

* Marion's prov *

" so Luke you think we will make it ? I think it will be cool to meet some of these people and Ashton is pretty cute " I ask Luke, " I don't know and how come you don't think any of the British ones are cute ? I though you loved British boys " Luke teased me, I say " yeah I do but it doesn't mean i have to say their cute, maybe I do think they are maybe I don't " and he says " yeah whatever " and then the television guy says " and now the " and pulls a slip out and says " the hemmings, Luke and Marion, I'll do one more in Australia and then go to another country " and then the commercials start

* the Clifford's house *

* Michael prov *

" well it looks we won't be in " I say " now Michael you guys still have a chance " mum says " yeah a small one " I say back . Soon enough the commercials were over and the announcer says " and now for the last pick of the Australians " and sticks his hand in and moves it around a little and then pulls it out and says " the Clifford's, Emily and Michael, I'm now going to pick a new country and theirs only one pick left " . " well that settles it then you two will be in the sibling game if you like it or not " our mum says to us .

* the horan house *

* shyannes prov *

" the country I pick is Ireland " I herd the announcer voice say my country and I look at the bowl and theirs only one slip so it's us . " it looks like it's us no matter what " Niall says and then the announcer say something " theirs only one slip, that's perfect we just need to find out who " and he puts his have in grabs it abs reads the name " the horans, Niall and shanne " and then he goes and sits down and reviews everyone that will be going and after that he says " and this will take place in LA America and you'll all get a latter that say everything else " and then the show was over .

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