The sibling game

2 siblings from 9 different family's are chosen to be in the TV show " the sibling game " they are all to stay in a house together and complete tasks . The siblings must work together to win . During their stay, zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Luke, Ashton, calum and Michael find it hard when they fall for the sisters and getting along with everyone . Not only will the sibling game be about winning and siblings but friendship and love


7. exploring

* Emily's prov *

I think I'll spend most of my time exploring so I know were places are because you never know, it could help me. I walk down to the kitchen for breakfast and I see Marion and molly already eating. As I get my food I say " you guys wanna explore with me ? " and they say " yeah. " in about 10 minutes we are all ready and I say " we should go outside " and the both agree with me. We go out the back door and had to the barn. " wow " I heard Marion says surprised and I say " yeah I know this is huge " we look around and molly says " over here " and she points to the office and Marion and I walk over and she says " I see a map that must says the whole barn " and I say " well we should look at it " and she replies with " okay " and we all walk in and Marion grabs it and then says " it looks like over here they have golf carts and in this section and horses and thats it " and molly and I look at the spots and say " ok " and she puts it back and we leave the barn and walk around. 2 hours later we are all tired and decided to go inside and rest on the couch.

3 hours or so Michael comes down and wakes us all up and i say " what was that for ? " in anger and he says " for fun " and then goes and sits down at the table and molly says " well sense we are up you guys wanna explore the inside " and I say " yeah " and Marion shakes her head, so we get up and start walking around the house. As we look around we find many different rooms. We go inside the game room and see Ashton, Luke, Harry and Niall playing a game of pool and calum and Louis playing air hockey and Rachel was sitting on the couch with jenn, zayn was painting and Liam and Michael were playing video games, Maylynn and Larissa were watching the pool game. Ashton says " hey " to us and molly says " hi " and we go and sit with jenn and Rachel. Only 3 people could fit on it or 4 if you could squeeze that many so Marion and I sat on the floor.

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