The sibling game

2 siblings from 9 different family's are chosen to be in the TV show " the sibling game " they are all to stay in a house together and complete tasks . The siblings must work together to win . During their stay, zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Luke, Ashton, calum and Michael find it hard when they fall for the sisters and getting along with everyone . Not only will the sibling game be about winning and siblings but friendship and love


12. another date

* Larissa prov *

So I've heard rumors that Luke and Emily both like each other and he took her on a date so why can't Harry ? I decided to sit next to Emily and jenn today and I ask jenn " do you think Harry would like me ? " and she says " maybe " and I nod and ask Emily " what was it like going out with Luke ? " and she smiles and says " it was amazing, he was so sweet " and I say " ok that's great " and she says " is their anything else you need to know ? " and I say " you think you could help me ask Harry out ? " and she says " sure. "

After breakfast Anna says " meet me at the stables " and we all get up and leave . Emily heads straight to Harry.

* Emily's prov *

I decided to help Larissa out so I'll talk to Harry. I walk up to him and say " hey " and he says " hi " and I say " his are you liking this so far ? " and he says " it's been interesting, what do you think ? " and I say " it's been nice " and I see that Luke is sees us talking and walks over and then Harry puts his ark around me to make Luke jealous. Harry says " you know if anyone likes me ? " and I say " idk " and he says " well I like Larissa but I don't know if she likes me back " and I say with a smile on my face " go ask her out and see what she says she maybe that will help you find your answer " and he says " ok thanks " and takes his arm off me and goes over to her and Luke puts his around me And says while smiling " I like this girl but I don't know if she likes me back, she's the girl I'm talking to right now " I giggle and say " she does. "

* Larissa's prov *

I see that Emily talked to Harry and he messed with Luke. We get to the stables and Harry whispers to me " will you go out with me ? " and I whisper " yeah " then zayn comes and makes Harry move, Anna says " I hope you all know how to ride and take care of a horse, if you don't please say so " most of the guys say they can ride one just not do anything else. Emily, Maylynn, and I can do both, everyone else can just ride one so Anna says " it looks like I'll have to teach you guys " and takes us to a horse named built and says " this is built and I'll use him, now to feed you would walk over to the clipboard to see how much oats to feed your horse then you would take the red bucket in your horses stall and fill it up with the amount needed and you would poor the oats into the small black container on the floor and you would use the blue bucket for water which you would use the hose for and poor the water in the black container that's hanging and while the horse is eating you will groom it, you would use the brush first " and she picks up a spiky brush and shows us how to use it and then says " after your done with this brush you will use this one " and picks the other one and shows use how to use it then says " now to saddle the horse you'll go into this room " and points to the direction of the room and says " in their you will find the spot with your horses name on it and the saddle and bridle will be their, now follow me " and she leads us to the room and shows us how to put everything on and then says " we will spend the week with horses and next week on house stuff just to see how well you and your sibling work together on different tasks " and we all walk back to the horses and she says " I'll sigh you and your sibling a horse to use together " and she goes to the office and grabs a clipboard with everyone's name on it and hight and all the horses names and hight and says " Emily and Michael will have cloud " and points to where cloud is and they walk to her and she says " jenn and Harry will have star " and points to a black horse with a small white star like thing on her head.

Anna told everyone what horse they get and we all head back to the house for lunch. Harry sits next to me and says " if we have anytime for ourselves you wanna go out to town ? " and I say " yeah sure " and he says " ok " lunch is soon over and Anna says " I think we need to do some shopping, seeing that none of u have the proper jeans or shoes we will go shopping now follow me to the cars " and we follow her to the garage where two black SUVs are and she says " you may pick which one you want to ride in, I'll be in this one a Matt will drive this other one " and Matt walks over to the SUV he'll be in and gets in as Anna gets in hers and the rest of us separate to the SUV we wanna be In. Harry and I end up sitting next to each other with me next to the window, Harry ok the middle and Louis next to him, that was the front and in the passenger seat was Niall and in the back was Maylynn, Shyanne and Liam. The others were in the other cat and we leave to the city of L.A.

About a 45 min drive later the SUVs park in a parking lot and we all get out and Anna says " follow me to a store "

And we all follow her. After walking for a few mins we get to a store, Anna says " go look around now " and we all go looking at jeans and shoes.

Later on everyone has shoes and jeans and we leave back to the house. We get back and Anna says " senses this too longer then I though you guys have the rest of the day to yourself " and hard says " you think I could take Larissa out to the beach ? " and she say " sure, I'll have Matt drive you guys " everyone else was gone doing their own thing and it was just Harry and I and we follow Matt out to the car.

Once at the beach Matt keys us out and says " I'll be back in an hour " and Harry says " ok " and he takes my hand and we walk out to the pier. The sun was setting and I lay my head on Harry's shoulder as we watch. About 30 mins later it is set and Harry and hear from the pier and walk on the beach holding our shoes as waves touch out feet when we walk. Soon Matt is back and we wash the sand off our feet and put our shoes back on and get in the car, Harry says " so how was that for a first date " and I smile and say " great. "

Back at the house we hear to the game room and the first person to ask where we went was zayn and I say " he just took me to the beach as a date chill zayn " and he says " ok but Harry ok not going to let you date my sister ok ? " and Harry says " I understand but why ? " and zayn says " because I don't want you dating her " and Harry says " ok " and states to walk away and I say to zayn " really ? I think I should be able to date whoever I want " had zayn says " well I just don't like him and I don't think he's the one for you " and I say " well I do " and I go to Harry and said " I would love to go on another date with you " and Harry says " but your brother " and I cut him off saying " he doesn't get to choose who I date " and he smiles and says " ok. "

Dinner comes up soon and Anna says " tomorrow we will hear starlight to the barn after breakfast so be ready " and we all say " ok " and finish eating then go and do our own things till it's time for bed.

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