its harder than you think (ONE DIRECTION)

im not writing because it will give away the story and plus Im making this up as I go **** sorry for misspelled words


5. chapter 2

"That is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." said blushed and said "Cheesy I like it." I looked over and Dad and he said "May I  have a word with you Ashlyn?" I nodded my head and followed him into the  kitchen. "Okay i'm going to get straight to the point Ashlyn you are not  allowed to date any of these boys unless I say so do I make myself clear?" I  sighed and and told him  "Yes sir" he nodded his head and told me i could  leave now. I walked back  into the living room to find that the boys are sitting  on the couch watching TV.  "Do you ant a tour of the house so you don't  get lost or, do you want any  thing to drink?" I asked. " I think the lads and I  would like a tour and plus I  need to use the restroom." said Liam. "  OKEYDOKEY then then please keep  your hands and feet inside the ride or  you will be bonked in the head will  riding the ASHLYN EXPRESS!" I told  them. They all just stayed in their spots and stared at me like i was crazy. So I yelled "FOLLOW MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" while draging the E. They followed me while laughing like maniacs. After the tour we all decided to hangout in m room since its huge like big enough to have a frat party in.We were all just sitting there talking and joking when I noticed that Harry wandered off somewhere with Louis.I looked at the other lads and asked "Where did Harry and Louis go." All of a sudden we heard laughing coming from my closet. I walked in and was so mad they were holding up a pair of my underwear. "WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!!!" The boys froze and looked at me. I went to run after them but before I could they ran fast but I was faster. I pushed Harry down and jumped on Louis making him fall down as well.                         

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