its harder than you think (ONE DIRECTION)

im not writing because it will give away the story and plus Im making this up as I go **** sorry for misspelled words


2. chapter 1

                                                                   Aslyns prov


Me and dad were walking in the mall shopping haveing father daughter time. Then as we       walk in dad gets a call "i have to take this" he says. "all right" i tell him. He walks away          i hear him say something about people staying at our place. When he hangs up i ask him          "whos was that?" "Some of my clients need to stay at our place for a year sweety" "okay"    i said. When we get home i hear what sounds like four british and one irish accent. As i          walk in the living room and my eyes went wide. ONE DIRECTION was in my house. The          boys stood and interduced them selfs " Hi im liam, this is Zayn, Louis, Niall , and Harry"          liam. Harry walked up to me and said "hello love" with a flirty look on his face as he bent        down got on one knee and kissed my hand. I blushed and he smiled the famous harry styles    smile. i swear this boy made me turn red as tomatoe and weak in the knees. Niall came up      to me and said "Whats your name sweet heart?" I look at all the boys and said "My name is Ashlyn" **********************************


Hey guys do u think this is good??? I will continue for 20 likes please :) :) :)

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