That Girl

I didn't know I could fall for her so quickly.... I didn't believe in love at first sight but there she was walking straight towards me, until she turned down the hallway and walked away, my heart screamed for me to follow her, but my knees got weak just looking at her. She was truly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen..... I don't want her, I need her. And I'm going to do anything to get her even if I die trying. I don't need just anybody I need that girl.


2. For my best friend

(Niall's POV)

Who am I?

Just Niall Horan... Your typical boy. I have tattoos and piercings and girls drooling over me. But I don't care about any of those girls I sleep with. I only want one girl. But she doesn't even know I exist! She doesn't care


She doesn't care I remind myself as I walk through the school halls feeling the eyes of everyone as I walk by them I want to give every single one of them the middle finger I couldn't have cared less but I turned and walked down the hall and there she was standing at her locker fixing her shiny brown hair with blonde steaks in her mirror, I look over her body, she is truly gorgeous. I am so addicted to that girl. I stop walking and watch her. It makes me angry. I don't know what it is about her. But I swear if anyone even lays a finger on her let alone look at her, they will have to deal with me.She's mine. She doesn't know it. Yet....But that girl is mine. And nothing will stand in my way


(Louis POV)

"Niall!" I yell walking towards him, he didn't move an inch he was just staring at some girl. Wow, she's gorgeous!... I walk over to him and smack his cheek "hey. Niall you still there?" I ask. His eyes widen "what do you want Louis?" He said looking at me. I could tell he was angry "you okay mate?" I ask putting my hand on his shoulder "I'm fine" he said and walked towards his classroom and then I turned my body and looked at the girl that he was staring at and I walk over to her putting on my I'm really cool act, the one that all the girls seem to fall for "hey babe what's your name?" I ask leaning against the lockers. She looked at me "Shantez... Your Louis right? We have English together?" She asked in a question and looked at my tattoos "yup it's definitely you" she said and giggled. I chuckle and ask "so would you like to join me and my friends at lunch?" She thought for a moment "sure... You sit with that blonde kid right?" I nod "yeah. His name is Niall. Meet me here before lunch and we can walk together" I said and walk off to class.

I'm doing this for Niall. For my best friend! Not for me. Not for me. He saw her first. And I know he won't give up on her, that's why I asked her for lunch... For him. I hope he knows this is all for him.

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