16 year old Bailey gets pregnant by the one and only Harry styles... She tells her mother and step dad what will her step dad and mother think about it. Will they kick her out the house, will harry take care of the baby or leave her for one direction? Will everything fall apart. Read to find out


10. chapter 8

Harry's pov:


After the song she laid flat out on the bed. I knew she was tired cause all the jumping up and down she was doing. So I laid down next to her.

Bailey I love you so much, and nothing would ever change how I feel about you. You will always be my #1 girl in my life. Hey I have a question um I have a game this Saturday would you like to come see me play?

sure why not Harry; what time does it start


okay ill be there. what number is your jersey.

#6 like always babygirl.


Bailey's pov:


I laid there staring into his beautiful green orbs. then out of no where he kissed me. It wasn't a rough, or intense kiss. It was a sweet and passionate one like he never wanted it to end. Hell I never wanted it to end. Until my brother Cody walks in.

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