16 year old Bailey gets pregnant by the one and only Harry styles... She tells her mother and step dad what will her step dad and mother think about it. Will they kick her out the house, will harry take care of the baby or leave her for one direction? Will everything fall apart. Read to find out


7. Chapter 6

Harry's pov:




I know she's 16 and I'm 20, but in 4 days she'll be 17 so that's only 3 years apart so its not that bad. Or is it?

Louis please help me I don't know what to do.

I mean if you love someone wouldn't you want to be with them forever. I mean there's people in this world that are like 12 years apart and their married so why cant I be with Bailey.


It will be alright mate just let her cool down and try to talk to her about what happen.

I know who will get through her head that she's wrong about me!


Niall Horan



Bailey's Pov:


Ughh I was stupid to say that to Harry!! What's wrong with me?

I thought to myself while I flopped down on my bed and looked at my ceiling. I can't control what comes out my mouth sometimes. I sat there thinking about Harry. I was such in a deep thought I didn't even here my phone start ringing.


I grabbed my phone and saw that Harry's name on the screen. I hurried and answered the phone.


I screamed into the phone.

Bailey thank god you answered the phone. I'm sorry Bailey I never meant to hurt you, I was overreacting about the whole Niall scenario.

I'm sorry for what I said Harry I didn't mean it I swear.

Its fine Bailey. Can I come over? I need to talk to you.

Sure come on over

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