16 year old Bailey gets pregnant by the one and only Harry styles... She tells her mother and step dad what will her step dad and mother think about it. Will they kick her out the house, will harry take care of the baby or leave her for one direction? Will everything fall apart. Read to find out


5. Chapter 5

*I'm skipping it to lunch*


Niall's Pov:


ughh where is the freaking cafeteria in this bitch.. Soon enough I found it! I walked in and searched for Bailey. Soon I found her curly hair. She was sitting next to some curly headed guy.


I yelled everyone went quiet and looked at me. She looked up and tears started coming down her face. She ran up to me and jumped into my arms and I caught her and put my hands under her legs for support


NIALL I cant believe your here omg did u transfer??

Yess I did

she was still crying with joy everyone awed and then someone yelled "yall make a good couple"

haha thanks, but we're not dating just best friends for a long time

after our moment and people taking picture of us they went back to eating .. she was still holding onto me and wouldn't let go

come on you can get down now

I don't wanna let go cause if I let go I'll wake up

haha its not a dream I'm really here

she jumped down and that guy tapped her on the shoulder.


Oh Harry this is Niall my best friend, Niall this is Harry my boyfriend but we're taking things slow considering I just got to this school yesterday.

Hows it going mate .

I said shaking his hand.  then the bell rang.


Bailey's Pov:


When I went to class I was so happy and excited. Harry didn't talk to me for the rest of the day so I really don't know what his problem was. In class me and like 4 other people were passing notes. We almost got caught, so when the bell rang I ripped up the note and put it in the recycling trash. Then I started packing my stuff to goto the last class of the day.


I walked down the hallway and everyone was smiling at me I never felt so popular before. Then Niall came up to me

so what do u think about me you and dinner.

Sorry Niall I have a date with Harry.

I kissed his cheek and walked into S.S.

Okay class everyone stand up I changed the seating chart.

everyone packed their things back up and stood up.

Monica, Harry, Bailey, and Coty over here.

Ashley, Kailey, Mckinzie, and Isabella there.

Justin, Sean, Ben, and Lindsey there. Okay class these are your seats for the rest of the year unless I move you for behavior.

This class is small so yea. I ripped out a scratch sheet of paper and wrote on it

(B=bailey, H=harry)

B~ why are you ignoring me?

H~ I'm not ignoring you

B~Yes the fuck you are!! Ever since the whole Niall scene you've been ignoring me stop lying.

H~ Look I'm trying to pay attention to the teacher so 'H' is out.

(if you didn't notice, they were passing notes)

I ripped up the paper and raised my hand.

Yes Bailey

Um yea I have 2 questions.

And what might that be

Can I throw this away and can you move my seat.

At the corner of my eye I saw Harry's facial expression go from emotionless to sad to guilty. I don't feel sorry, but I don't want to sit next to him.

um okay you can switch seats with Mckinzie


I really don't want to be bothered. I moved away from him he looked really sad. We didn't do nothing but watch a movie. So we didn't have to take anything out. While I was watching the movie I got distracted by Mckinzie playing around with Harry's hair. Then he whispered something in her ear. I guess he told her to stop cause she stopped messing with his hair.


When I was fixing my hair bow it wouldn't go back in right so Ashley helped me put it back in. Then I turned to thank her, but I saw Harry playing in then Mckinzies hair. She saw me watching and winked at me. That put me over board so I got up and walked out the classroom. I put everything in my locker before the teacher started the movie. I had my key purse and phone so I was good.


I got in my car and drove off. I didn't dare cry; my mother always told me not to cry over a guy that wasn't worth my tears.


When I got home I opened the door and ran upstairs and slammed my door. No one was home yet so I didn't care. I knew class had ended already. I laid on my bed drifting off to sleep.


It felt like I only slept for 2 minutes cause there was a soft knock on the door downstairs. I looked at my phone and had a text from my parents. Yep they were working late tonight. I groaned when I heard another knock on the door. I got and walked downstairs to see who it was. I opened my door to see a person I never want to see in my life again.



Goodbye Harry I don't want to see you talk to you or date you we're over.

I closed the door in his face an walked back into my room. I knew he was a player all along I just couldn't quite figure it out yet. my phone started ringing so I looked at it. It had Harry's name on it so I declined it. He kept calling and texting all night long I didn't answer anything.


I went to sleep once again.


*next morning*


Harry's Pov:


Why if it wasn't for Mckinzie I wouldn't be in this mess right now. I was walking around in my room pacing back and forth. I didn't get any sleep last night at all. I'm like so relieved its Saturday cause I wouldn't be able to cooperate like this.




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