16 year old Bailey gets pregnant by the one and only Harry styles... She tells her mother and step dad what will her step dad and mother think about it. Will they kick her out the house, will harry take care of the baby or leave her for one direction? Will everything fall apart. Read to find out


3. Chapter 3

*last period class*


Harry's Pov:



Wow she's amazing I thought to myself.. Omg she hugged me I mean she fits in my arms like we're meant to be together. I like her, but its her first day of school. I don't want to be to forward like I'm a player or something. I mean she's is absolutely beautiful, the way her hair is all curly and how she wears her outfit.


She, she's just pure amazement. I mean even her voice is amazing. God brought her here so I can love her and treat her like the beautiful girl she is.


Bailey's Pov:


While I was in S.S Harry kept staring at me like he was in love or something. He is really cute, but he's probably just another player that's going to try and get into my pants. Then the announcements came on really early

pardon this interruption, All girls if you would like to tryout for volleyball the meeting is during homeroom at 8:00am tomorrow morning.. see you there ladies!

Omg this is my chance!! I'm going to that meeting in the morning. Then the teacher started teaching again. Everyone kept talking so she got aggravated and emailed everyone's parents. Then she started talking to us about what she was emailing our parents.


Then the announcements came on again , then 2 minutes later the bell rang. I got up grabbed my bag and walked out. While I was walking down the hallway these cake faces kept staring at me. When I walked by then they smacked my books out my hands and walked away laughing. Everyone in the hallway started laughing.


What a great way to start my first day at school. I picked my stuff up off the floor and walked to my locker. When I opened it a note flew out of it. I picked it up and read the note.

Hey babygirl sorry I left before you I had to get this not in your locker. I just wanted to say i like you.. I know its your first day, but really like you tomorrow night let me take you out :) here's my number (654)223-1456 text me when you get home

Harry xx

I smiled then put the note in my back pocket and closed my locker and walked to my car.

*skipping car ride*

I got home and there was a random car in my spot so I parked on the curb. I got out the car and checked the mailbox. Hmmm lets see mom, mom, dad,(A/N~ yes she calls him dad cause he has been there since she was 4) mom, dad, dad. Well jeez do I ever get any mail!! I got in the house and some lady in her mid 30's was sitting on the couch with dad.

Baybay come here please

I put my stuff by the table and took my shoes off. I love walking around in socks i don't know why.

Uhh sure?

Bailey this is your aunt on your moms side she wanted to come see you. by the way your mom is gonna be late today so you can choose between take-out or one of us cooks.

TAKE-OUT I don't feel like cooking I'll most likely cook tomorrow.

I just looked at the lady then she got up to hug me. i mean she kinda looked like mom just older. Yes my mom had me at 16 and in 5 days I'll be 17. So yea my mom is 32.


Nice to meet you Bailey I'm aunt Vicki.

Like I've said before I'm a shy person so I just nodded. Then I walked into the kitchen and pulled out my phone and the note. I added Harry into my contacts and then texted him

I like you too , but I don't want to date just now so lets just take things slow.. what time tomorrow


I guess he was watching his phone waiting for me to text him because I got a instant reply.

Okay I can do that. 9:00pm what's your address I'll pick you up.

Harry xx

1234 springs lake road, 22984


Okay I'll see you tomorrow at school, I'll text you later I have practice bye babygirl. Oh btw I hope you don't have a problem with me calling you that ^o^

Harry xx

no you fine bye Harry :*


I smiled and walked out the kitchen. I still have no idea why I walked in there. I forgot what I was going to get. Oh well it will come back to me.. I walked upstairs and plopped on my bed flat out like a starfish. I just laid there staring at my ceiling.


                                                     (this is her room)


I finally got up and walked down stairs and told my dad I was going to get some Chinese food. Then he scream "usual" at me. I put my shoes back on and grabbed my shades and key and walked out the door.


The sun started beaming on me so i put my shades on. I got into my car and drove off.




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