Luke hemmings, a bad boy?



Okay all you guys wanted me to stay on here and not move to wattpad, so I'll stay here and YES I am taking a break, I've been having do much school work but trust me this story is far from over, I have a lot in store for you guys!

HEY GUYS I know I haven't updated in forever, I just re-read everything and I realized this was shit ok lmao so should I just continue from here or re-start it with everything that has happend and same character but more like realistic you could say, I don't know but if I get enough feed back I'll have it either mostly re-written OR another two or three chapters by the end of the month! xoxo (P.S IM ASKING FOR FEED BACK) and follow me on Twitter : mandreas2001 Instagram: m.silva2001

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