Luke hemmings, a bad boy?


6. 6

Monica's point of view

I wake up with strong arms around me, I look up to see luke. He sleeps with his mouth slightly open letting out little snores , but it's adorable. I slowly get up and walk on to the small balcony, I stand there and absorb the sun, I felt hand on my waist, I turned around to see Luke. I gave him a gave in the cheek. In his cute raspy morning voice he said "that's all I get?" I let out a small laugh then he picks me up over his shoulder spins around and runs inside "put me down!" I yell "not until I get a real kiss" he said "okay pucker up" I said as he leaned in I put my hand to his lips

He look at me with a pout and pretended to be hurt as he started to walk away "alright you big baby" I said laughing, he spun around with a cheeky smile revealing his dimples I leaned in with my arms around his neck and his arms around me as our lips move in sync then we slow down and decide to make breakfast

We headed downstairs and tried to make pancakes but we ended up with black blobs and flour everywhere so we decided cereal, as we sat on the couch we cuddle up under a blanket and flipped through channels, he got lazy and had me feed him his cereal, after he kissed me cheek and got milk all over my face

After we were wondering what we could do seeing that it's 10:30AM on a Sunday, we decided the beach

After we got ready we went to the beach with the warmest water, set up the umbrella, put the chairs out

I walked up to the water line as he walks a little further and I see him bend over thinking he's just wetting his arms but he turns around splashing me I scream as I splash him back, we splash each other for a bit but then go down to chest level,Luke puts my legs around his wait as we're in the water relaxing, after a little we swim back I lie down and tan for a bit, after we grab a slush and visit the shops

Later after we showered we decided we that we might as well do homework if we want to pass our senior year

Hey guys I've been having troubles updates because of ios8 but I'm doing my best!

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