Luke hemmings, a bad boy?


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Sorry last chapter was short guys this one will be longer, thanks love yaa :)

(Luke's point of view)

As we get to the carnival we buy tickets and decide to go a some rides, when we get off the first ride called "starship exodus" Monica grabs my arms holding her self still, she lets out a little giggle

"You need a break already?" I said with a smile

"No!" She stuck her tongue out at me

We went on a roller coaster, she held my hand the hold time, but not in fear. I can't help to think that I might love her

We take a break and play some games, I sent her to get us food so I could win her something a shot a bunch of balloons to win her a pretty big penguin

I hold the penguin in front of me, I see Monica in the corner of my eye, she looks so beautiful, she doesn't even try, she's not a tall skinny bleach blonde girl, she normal but perfect in my eyes long wavy brown hair with natural highlights, brown hair, she was always insecure about herself but I always greeted her "hello gorgeous" or something like that

"Luke?" She calls out my name, ugh the way she says it just makes me want to kiss her

I move the penguin aside " right here" I smile and hand her the penguin and she sets the slices of pizza on the table and hugs me, I lean in and kiss her

We grab a table and eat then put the penguin in the car

We go on a few more rides and play a few more games and decide to head home

In the car she made sure we listened to my band

"You guys are amazing" she said putting her hand on my knee

"We're not that good" I said putting my free hand on hers

When we got back to my place we headed to my room, she went to the bathroom and put pajamas on, brushed her teeth and put her hair up

When she got out I went in threw on a pair of basketball shorts and a tank top then brushed my teeth

I walked in to my room while she's on laying down on her phone

I grab her phone and put it away

"Hey!" She yelled

I lied down next her as she nuzzled her face into my neck, I could feel her warm breath

"M-Monica?" She makes me stutter feeling her on my neck

"Yes" she said

"Do you want to be my girlfriend" I said looking down at her

"Yes I would love to be" she said as a she looked up at me

I kissed her lips softly slowing as out tongues move in sync as one then we both slow down

"Good night Luke"she said putting her head on my chest

"Good night beautiful" I said kissing her forehead

Hey guys, pretty long chapter so I don't know if I'll update tomorrow! But hope you like it! Fan? Like? Comment? Love you guys 💓

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