Luke hemmings, a bad boy?


4. 4

{ Luke's point of view}

Driving Monica home I turn the radio on then shut it off as I realize the C-D I have in

Monica gives me a confused look and turns it back on

"That's you calum, Michael, and Ashton isn't it!" She says

"Yea but we're not that good" I say as I feel my face turning red

"You guys are amazing, what's the band called?" She said smiling

" 5 seconds of summer" I said

"That's pretty cool" she said

By the time we got to her house as she opens the door I spit out quickly "you can stay over longer if you want.."

(Monica's point of view)

"Okay, let me get some stuff" I said trying to hide the fact that I'm totally excited!

As I grab a bag I throw in a tooth brush, tooth past, a hair brush, makeup, clothes, flip flops and a pair of pajamas

(Luke's point of view)

She walks out trying to hide her smile, when she gets in to the car and I start driving she's asked "where are we going"

I replied "subway, I'm hungry"

She smiled and said "I love eating there"

After we ate we were wondering where to go

We agreed the carnival

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