Luke hemmings, a bad boy?


3. 3

{ Luke's point of view}

I wake up to darkness and Monica cuddled into my arms, she looks so peaceful, looking at her all I can say is that she's just beautiful, I could look at her forever, we've always been in each others classes since 1st grade, we used to be close but then skipping school a few times, piercing my lip and wearing black jeans a lot got me a bad boy reputation

Looking at the clock seeing that it's 12:48 I can see that she's uncomfortable so I lift her up Bride style as she wraps her arms around my neck I slowly lay her on my bed, she doesn't let go so I wrap my arms around her, just watching her sleep makes me smile, she doesn't sleep angelically. She squishes her face and hangs her mouth open yet It makes me melt

(Next day)

As the bright light peaks through my eye lids I wake up remembering the night before and seeing Monica nuzzled into my arm, I don't want to wake her so I wait

Once she wakes up she remembers what happened

"Sooo..." She blurted out "let me make you my famous toast and tea" I say with a slight chuckle

After putting toast in the toaster I boil some water then add the tea mix and bring out the butter

As we eat we just watch tv in awkward silence

After we just look around the room then our eyes meet, her eyes, big and brown, just melt me.

I lean in and slowly kiss her then lean out

She looks at me biting her lip and smiling, I let out a small chuckle

We just talk about what we used to do when we were younger remember how close we were

"So your parents don't mind that I stayed the night" she said

"No, there usually out in business trips" I said

"Mine too" she said nodding her head

Hi guys! This is my second update in one day, I had to rewrite it idk what happen! The original was better but yea!hope you like it, like, fan, comment? Thanks :)

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