Luke hemmings, a bad boy?


2. 2

{Monica's point of view}

As I'm staring into Luke's big blue eyes I feel a tap on my shoulder and I shake out of my trance.

I look and see that Luke is staring straight at me chewing his gum "so can I or??" He said looking at me, "what?" I said quietly "can I borrow a pencil" he said quickly. "Oh yea yea sure" as I handed him one.

My mind flutters almost as much as my stomach

The bell rang so as I head to my locker and grab my stuff, as I close my locker Luke him self is standing there I smile as he says "so what are you doing tonight?" He said as his eyes wander around. I just replied "nothing" he fixes his posture and says "I'll pick you up at 7" and before he turns around he winks.

I just stood there In shock. I kept walking and smiling and as I reach the school exit Luke is standing there with his friends then walks over to me

"Hey so maybe you wanna hang out watch some movies now maybe just chill"

"Sure that's fun" I simply said

We walk in awkward silence so I decided to talk "so why are you all of a sudden interested in me?"

" I don't know we been in the same class since first grade and I just took a good look and you and realized, your beautiful" he side slight blushing

I just looked at him blushing " oh um thanks "

Once we got to his house he opened the door and led me to the kitchen, he grabbed a bunch of snacks and headed up stairs, he had his own floor of the house which was pretty cool

We walked in to a room with a tv that takes up a wall with a few recliners, I assumed it was a movie room. He sat down and I sat next to him and he suggested Mean girls and I let out a small chuckle as I said yes

Towards the middle of the movie he yawned and slowly put his arm around me. By the end of the movie I find us cuddling, as I look up he's asleep, as I try to wake him so I could go seeing that it's 9:26, he opens his eyes slightly and nuzzles into my neck I feel his breathe on my neck as he whispers "stay" and falls back asleep, so I stay and fall asleep cuddled into his arms

Hey guys! I'll probably be updating later again, like, comment what you think? I think the next chapter will be in Luke's point of view! It's just getting started :)

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