Luke hemmings, a bad boy?


1. 1

{Monica's point of view}

I wake up to a loud sound realizing it's my Alarm

As I opening my eyes and get out of bed I head to the bathroom and strip to take a shower, I put the clothes in my hamper as the water heats up. After the shower I dry off and pick out my clothes.

Black skinny jeans, A t-shirt, flannel, and my black vans.

I walk downs stairs to nothing, knowing that my parents are usually away on business, I grab a bagel and unlock my car and drive to school.

When I get there I'm greeted by one of my best friends, Calum

I hop out and walk in with him as we stop at my locker to grab my books then head to class.

I look over to see that the seat next to me is taken by the schools hot bad boy, Luke hemmings

Hey guys that was my first chapter! Short I know but I promise it will get better, like? And comment what you think ☺️

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