Loving you, loving me.

When Annie Fitzgerald found the love of her life, was fate going to tear her apart? No, that was her father's job... Meeting Zoey, she realizes that being her can cause pain. But, not on the person she suspects...


2. 'The Closet'

That closet. My god. I had never been so trapped in anything in my entire life! Seriously, I was once trapped in an elevator and that wasn't so bad... It only lasted, what, 1 hour? The Closet lasted what, 6, 7 YEARS? So, yeah. If you'd like to know, I went out with a boy when I was 13, broke up with him because something felt... wrong. Didn't really care, in fact, I tried to hide it. Went out with another boy, 2 years later. Nope. Same reaction.

   I had to then say to myself, yup. You're gay.

   'Alright this is okay, I guess. You're just gonna have to put up with it...' I though to myself.'Y'know, like broccoli, you're gonna have to eat it some time!' that thought sounded better as a pre-thought, y'know...? So anyway, I have had a weird turn of events through my pre-gay to gay life, and it has made me for the better! Such as... There's the fact that...

   Yeah, no, got nothing... Meh. Woman > Men. Yeah... Vagina > Penis... Yup!

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