Never To Late.

It's just an normal day in U.S.A.
Spencer, waked up at 12:00 pm. It's a rainy day, outside.
She looks at the sky, a light blue thing, showed up in the sky, she wondering whats the point of life. Nothing else than TV, Netflix, Starbucks, Joe & The Juice and Tea. But.. 2 hours later, she begin wondering whats the light blue thing still there? "What The.." She just saw an Portal, it's opened to a world, of Tornados. She panic.. She never saw something like that.. Maybe it's not a normal day for Spencer, and the whole U.S.A Kingdom.


2. Tornado Galaxy.

It spinned in her mid right now.

Spencer cut not think, only on the big tornado bag at her.

"What the." She said. 

The Tornado took Spencer she screamed really loud. And none hear her.

She just panic, reallymuch, she cut not think, and move, she was in chock. She thought this was an dream! 

Then she closed her eyes. Then.. She opened it, she was en a Summer island. 

"It's a sunny day, in the UK Kingdom toooday." It came from a radio infront of her.

"What is this for an place? omg. I AM DEAD!"

"Hahha.. LOL." It came from the bag of her. She truned around and saw, a blonde girl stand infornt, of her. 

"Hey <3" She said.

"Who are you may i ask?" Said Spancer.

"Your BFF!" Said the blonde girl. Spencer looked at her like a freak.

I better go she thinked withouy saying it, it's not a very nive start, to say that, she thinked. 

So.. She just walkedf and think about the weirdo day, it was today, at yesterday, if it was yesterday D: 


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