Never To Late.

It's just an normal day in U.S.A.
Spencer, waked up at 12:00 pm. It's a rainy day, outside.
She looks at the sky, a light blue thing, showed up in the sky, she wondering whats the point of life. Nothing else than TV, Netflix, Starbucks, Joe & The Juice and Tea. But.. 2 hours later, she begin wondering whats the light blue thing still there? "What The.." She just saw an Portal, it's opened to a world, of Tornados. She panic.. She never saw something like that.. Maybe it's not a normal day for Spencer, and the whole U.S.A Kingdom.


1. The Start.

Today it's Monday, a normal boring day, at the U.S.A Kingdom. 

Spencer waked up 12:00 pm, "I'm Hungry." She said out loud. "Go get some Diva!" It's came out even louder from Spencer's mom. 

"You know i hate you, then you call me that, it's not true at all.." Said Spencer. 

"Does it like i care?" Said Spencer's mom. 

Spencer wondering, have a life without her, that most be LIKE BE IN HEAVEN!

Spencer's mom said out loud "Breakfast everyone, Breakfast!"

"Uhm, why you did not maked my Breakfast mom?"

"Shout Up Dude.." Said Katy (Spencer's Mom)

Spencer walked up on her room, and begin crying, "She may drunk :("

Spencer took a look at her window, and saw something special. In the middle of the sky, was an Light Blue Thing. She think about what it is. "Omg." It's a portal she think out loud!

It's a portal to another Place, that's my home!

She said! i most find a way get to inside that portal!

She took all her stuff in a bag, and took it at her bag. 

That's my new home!

"Yay. My new home." She singed all the way. 

"OMG IT'S THE TORNADO GAGALXY!" It came from people in the town, runned about scared. 

It's a what :o She thinked. 

Then, she saw. It was an big portal, Yes. But! A portal to the GALAXY OF TORNADOS! 

Then, it came. A big tornado, out of the corner. She panic!

She just run and run and run! Nothing was in her mind, right now.






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