These are my poems. Don`t expect even updates; my inspiration only come when it wants to. I hope you enjoy!


7. The Years Of My Life

The best year of my life,

I spent my time with you.

The best night of my life,

was dancing with you!

With your hand up on my cheek,

I felt like I belonged.

While singing along,

I gave my heart to you.

The best year of my life,

I discovered how it feels,

To love somebody else,

that loves you too.

While in your arms,

I felt like I was special.

One of a kind,

the perfect girl for you.

I loved you,

and you loved me.

We were meant to be.

But then you moved away!

And my heart split in two.

A piece for me, and a fragment for you...

The worst year of my life,

was spent away from you.

The worst day of my life,

was letting you go.

When you moved away,

I felt my heart break,

Into a million pieces,

all scattered on the floor.

I knew I`d Skype and chat,

with you every day.

But I knew when you move away,

you move on and don`t look back.

You`ll find great new friends,

and the girl meant for you.

Please forget about me,

as your girlfriend and friend too.

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