These are my poems. Don`t expect even updates; my inspiration only come when it wants to. I hope you enjoy!


1. The Battle

Shadows dance among the trees,

attempting to pull me to my knees.

But I stand up straight, face them tall,

I know I can always defeat them all.

They grin at me, laugh at me.

They think today will go differently.

They cackle and snort, growl and hiss,

Their leader gives a sign I do not miss.

With a flick of his tail, they all close in,

certain that today they will win.

I let out a cry,

and wave "Bye-bye!"

A wave of cats joins the fight,

battling in the morning light.

I growl, "Tigerstar, you`ll never win.

I`ll make you pay for all your sins."

His tabby fur ripples slightly,

and I realize he is about to pounce on me.

I slash at him and jump away,

turning back to hear him say,

"We`ll be back to regain our glory!"

And that is the end of our story.

For he did earn back his glory.

But it came at a price,

and that was: his life.

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