These are my poems. Don`t expect even updates; my inspiration only come when it wants to. I hope you enjoy!


8. Hatching

A crack appeared in the pale white egg,

and a glistening tooth popped through.

The creature inside opened the crack wide,

and slid out from the old into the new.

It wasn`t a very pretty sight,

at first it was an ugly mess.

But Ma and Da, they cried "A Girl!"

and hurried over to the nest.

Its feathers were blotchy and all over the place,

the little one could have done with a good preening.

But Ma, she sang, "Let`s call her Aura!

And Mrs. Guinevere, please begin cleaning."

The snake started tidying up the hollow at once,

Nest maids always make such a fuss.

They cleaned her up, and stooped to kiss her.

And that`s how I got my little sister!

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