These are my poems. Don`t expect even updates; my inspiration only come when it wants to. I hope you enjoy!


3. Fly

If I could fly,

I run away through the stars.

If I could fly,

I`d always land in Freedom`s arms!

If I could fly,

I`d feel the wind on my wings.

If I could fly,

I`d never come back down again!

If we could fly,

would you soar away with me.

If we could fly,

we`d live our lives wild and free!

If we could fly,

we`d glide away in the night.

If we could fly,

I know we`d live so happily!

As birds on the wing,

we`d have a family.

Our own little tree,

just you and me.

We`d dance with the moon,

and sing with the stars.

The wind blows the strings,

And we stomp the beat.

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