Adopted By The Dallas's

When Alexandria Smith is being fostered by the Dallas family, what will she do? Her mom was a struggling musician, her father a drug deal, so she hasn't exactly had the calmest life. That's all anyone knows about her past.

That is, until Taylor comes into the picture. He know's something's up. He won't pressure her into telling him, but will she? What is this chunk of a past, that she's trying to forget? What happened, that haunts her nightmares every night?


2. Two

"What do you mean?" He asks. "I've got a rough past." I answer. "Most people don't want to deal with it."

"You seem perfectly normal to me." He grins, and I take the last bite of my pizza. "We literally just met. Trust me, I've got major issues."

"Hey, Mom's out of town, buisness, trip, and I leave for Magcon tomorrow. You can either stay with Sierra until Mom gets back, or travel with us." Cameron walks in, with a grin.

"Who's us?" I question. "Everyone here, plus these three other people. Aaron, Jacob, and Mahogany. " I nod. "Who's Sierra?"

"Oh, sorry, she's my sister." Cameron says. I nod. It'd be cool hanging out with another girl, but then again, I'm already pretty comfortable with Cameron and his friends. "Will there be any girls on this tour?" I ask. "Yeah, there's Mahogany, and if you need anything or have girl problems she'll help. Nash's mom will probably go to a few shows." 

"I guess I'll tour with y'all." I say. "Oh hey, Mom wanted me to ask if you have a phone." I shake my head no. "Really? Come on then!" He gets up and grabs a set of car keys. "Where are we going?" I ask. "To get you a phone." He says, as if it's that simple.

"I don't have any money." I protest. "I'm paying for it." He tells me. "No! You can't do that. I was told that phones cost a lot." 

"Well, I'm practically a millionaire."

"But you're only like, nineteen."

"Twenty. And we all are. We get paid for doing this Magcon thing." He explains. "But I'll be gone in a month or two. I don't want you spending all this money on me." I sigh. "Alright, Hayes, pick her up and carry her to the car." Hayes walks over and throws me over his shoulder.

"Hey! No! What the actual fuck?" I shout. "Watch your language, little miss." Hayes says. "I'm older than you." I roll my eyes. "Yeah, but I'm taller."

"What does that have to do with anything?" I ask. He shrugs, and I scream. "Shawn! Bestie! A little help here?" I look at him, begging with my eyes. "Here, I'll carry her." Shawn takes me from Hayes, and carries me bridal style.

"Alex, you're sixteen, you should have a phone." Says Cam. We all load into the car, and I sit in between Shawn and Matt. Hayes and Taylor are in front of us, Nash in the passenger seat, and Cameron is driving. 

"No, I really don't. I'll only be here for like, two month at the most!" I whine. "Fine. I'm getting you a phone sometime." 

We get back out, and we go back inside. "Hey, we're all spending the night." Says Jack G, as we walk back inside. "Cool." Is all Cameron says. We put in a movie, and before I know it, it's ten. "Good night!" I jump up, and run to the room from earlier. This family sure is.. interesting.


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