Adopted By The Dallas's

When Alexandria Smith is being fostered by the Dallas family, what will she do? Her mom was a struggling musician, her father a drug deal, so she hasn't exactly had the calmest life. That's all anyone knows about her past.

That is, until Taylor comes into the picture. He know's something's up. He won't pressure her into telling him, but will she? What is this chunk of a past, that she's trying to forget? What happened, that haunts her nightmares every night?


3. Three

"Wake up time! Wake up time!" Cameron comes into the room, and I fall off the bed. "God, what time is it?" I ask. "Three am. Come on, we gotta hit the airport."

I jump up. "Airport?" I ask. "Yup, first stop, Orlando, Florida." He smiles, and I get up. Luckily, I didn't unpack my stuff yesterday. I grab my suitcase and we all start packing into the cars.

I'm still half asleep, and I lay my head on Shawn's shoulder, falling asleep again.


"Alex, wake up." Shawn nudges my shoulder. "But I'm so tired.." I mumble, sitting up. "Hey, we'll be on the plane before you know it, and you can go back to sleep." Cameron winks, and we all start getting out.

As we get out, screams fill my ears, causing me to cringe. I grab my bag, and try covering my ears. Two people grab either arm, and we make our way through the crowd.


We're finally on the plane, and I'm in between Shawn and Taylor. I throw my legs on Taylor, and rest my head on Shawn. "What the hell happened earlier?" I mumble.

"Fans." Is all Taylor says. "Hey, Alex, we all chipped in to get you a little somethin." Shawn shoves a box in my hand, and I look up curiously, but still half asleep.

I unwrap it, and an iPhone stares up at me. "W-what's this?" I ask. "Happy birthday." He whispers. "How'd you know?"

"Alex, do you remember me?" Asks Shawn. I shake my head no. "Do you remember anything about your original hometown?" He asks. "I lived with my parents in a run-down apartment. Went to Jackson Preschool, then McKinley Middle. That's about it."

"Do you remember your friends from preschool?" He asks. "Just this one kid," I grin, remembering him. "We would always sing together, both of us terrible at the start, but we started getting better. His name was-" My eyes widen with recognition.

"Shawn." I turn to him, recognition in my eyes, as a smile covers his face. "June sixth, every year, singing mash-ups by the piano, guitar in my hand." He laughs. "How did I not- How did you?" I am bewildered.

"Screw it, I'm going to sleep, I'll turn my brain on after I fully wake up. "Sing to me?" I ask, looking up at Shawn. "Sure." I drift off, listening to Shawn singing the first verse of Firefly by Ed Sheeran.

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