Adopted By The Dallas's

When Alexandria Smith is being fostered by the Dallas family, what will she do? Her mom was a struggling musician, her father a drug deal, so she hasn't exactly had the calmest life. That's all anyone knows about her past.

That is, until Taylor comes into the picture. He know's something's up. He won't pressure her into telling him, but will she? What is this chunk of a past, that she's trying to forget? What happened, that haunts her nightmares every night?


6. Seven

The boys have an event today, and Mahogany wants to help me get ready. Apparently people know about me and want to get to know me, which I find crazy, but it's cool, I guess.

"Put this on!" Mahogany hands me some ripped up jeans and a t shirt with her name on it and I laugh. "If anyone asks, you're a Mahogany girl." She laughs and I put it on.

"Come on, we gotta do a soundcheck." She pulls me to the hallway once we're ready and I fall into step next to Shawn.

I remember when my parents would fight and my mother would tell me to take my stuff and run to Shawn's. His mother would send me to Aaliyah's room, yet I always ended up in Shawn's.

"Sweetheart, do you need to stay again?" I remember his mother asking me questions, setting a meal down in front of me, nodding at my bag. I'd shyly nodded and she'd settled me in. "You're safe here."

I was safe there. Around Shawn, I'm always safe. Around all these guys actually. But Shawn? We have a bond that no one understands. I may not remember him that much, but he never forgot me.

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