Adopted By The Dallas's

When Alexandria Smith is being fostered by the Dallas family, what will she do? Her mom was a struggling musician, her father a drug deal, so she hasn't exactly had the calmest life. That's all anyone knows about her past.

That is, until Taylor comes into the picture. He know's something's up. He won't pressure her into telling him, but will she? What is this chunk of a past, that she's trying to forget? What happened, that haunts her nightmares every night?


5. Five

He pulls me into the room. "Is it about.. the thing?" He asks. I nod, as Carter and the Jacks also rush to my side, concerned.

"Is she okay?" Asks Carter. "She'll be fine." Shawn says hugging me.

I try to clean myself up, but Shawn has to pull me to the bathroom, helping me. 

"Shawn.. What happened? I don't remember.. Just bits and pieces." He wipes a tear from my face.

"Alex, I don't think you'd want to know. Trust me, this is way better." Shawn replies, and I shake, afraid.

As soon as I'm finished, we walk out, and the boys all stare. "I'm sorry about earlier.." I say, and they all protest.

"It's not your fault." Nash smiles.

I just softly smile and take a seat on the bed next to Shawn. Cameron gestures at us, "So what exactly is this?" He asks.

"Shawn and I grew up together. When my parents weren't in their right state of mind, his stepped in." I say, and Cam doesn't ask anything else.

I start to drift off, and Shawn whispers to Carter, asking him to trade rooms with me for the trip.

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