Reverse pines story, I'm rubbish at blurbs so this is all your getting :)


2. It begins

It was 1:00 in the morning and a haunting tune rang through Gravity falls as a small pale hand turned the handle of a music box. The song started to get slower and slower until it stopped and a flash of blue spread across the whole town and everything went dark.

Gideon Pines jumped out of bed ready for a new day then stopped mid changing when he realised he wasn't in his house. Then he remembered where he was, he was staying at his Grunkle Stan's house for the Summer. Stan was a kind old man who ran a tourist attraction in Gravity falls, Oregon, he didn't ask for much from his customers only a dollar or two but he got by alright with the money he earned and with only one extra mouth to feed it would cost much more.

Gideon, when fully changed, ran down the stairs from his temporary room and into the kitchen where his Grunkle was serving some delicious looking (and smelling) bacon and eggs.

"Sunny side up or over easy?" Asked Stan, cheerfully.

"Sunny side up." Replied Gideon, setting the table for the two of them.

"Just like me!" Grinned Stan, rustling Gideon's messy white hair.

The two of them enjoyed a cooked breakfast then Stan introduced him to two workers at the Mystery Shack.

"Hello!" Said a girl with ginger hair in two neat plaits and a cream blouse and a prefect badge. "My name is Wendy Corduroy and I'm the cashier at the Mystery Shack, I'm sure we'll have many interesting conversations."

She held out her hand to shake.

Gideon introduced himself and accepted the handshake, feeling as if he was meeting a headmistress.

"This is Soos." Said Stan, pointing out a large figure who was currently sorting out key chains.

"He's not very social, doesn't talk much." Added Wendy.

Gideon wondered why she was still wearing a prefect badge when it was summer.

Just then a small bell jingled and a girl with a brightly coloured sweater burst in.

"Hi guys!" She exclaimed flashing sparking silver braces at Gideon.

"Hello Pacifica!" Smiled Stan.

"My name's Pacifica Northwest!" She grinned. "I would shake hands, but I was feeding your goat some gummy koalas so my hand is covered in goat saliva!"

Gideon laughed, already liking the bubbly girl.

"I'm Gideon!" Said Gideon, smiling.

Suddenly the door burst open and two tall, slender figures walked in.

"Hello, Pines family!" Exclaimed the girl. "Is this the wrong time to visit?"

"Um..." Stuttered Stan. "No, no, not at all."

"Perfect." Replied the girl. "So who are you little one?"

"I'm Gideon." 

The girl leant closer and began to whisper into her twins ear.

"Right then, Gideon." She said slyly. "We're having a show tonight, how about you come along?"

"Erm, I'm not really sur-" Gideon began.

"And if you don't come," She grinned, playfully.

"We'll know!" The twins said in unison then left the building.

"What just happened?" Asked Gideon

"The Gleeful twins," Sighed Stan. "That's what."

"Who are they?" Questioned Gideon.

"Town psychics." Replied Pacifica. "Mabel and Dipper Gleeful, don't get involved with them because everyone knows you can never turn back."

"So I guess I gotta see they're show then." Said Gideon.

"Yep." Said Wendy. "But don't attract attention to yourself!"

In the tent of telepathy:

"I can't wait for our show tonight!" Smiled Mabel, flipping a coin into the air. "It's gonna be extra special!"

"What do you think of that Gideon boy?" Asked Dipper, watching the coin spin in the air.

"He's gonna cause trouble." Answered Mabel.

The coin hit the dressing room table.

"But I have a plan." She said looking at the coin which had landed showing an engraving of Bill Cipher. "And I know who can help us."





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