Reverse pines story, I'm rubbish at blurbs so this is all your getting :)


1. Prologue

It was an ordinary night in the somewhat sleepy town of Gravity Falls but in the woods something less ordinary stirred.

"You promised me the box, demon!" Exclaimed the southern accent of none other than the town psychic, Gideon Gleeful. 

"I'll give to it to you soon," Replied the charismatic well dressed triangle by the name of Bill Cipher. "But only if you give me your end of the bargain."

"Oh I'll give it to you alright." Said Gideon, slyly. "I'll give it to you."

"And what is that supposed mean, Kindergarten?" 

"Kindergarten?!" Exclaimed the little white haired boy. "No one even says that?"

"But I did!" Laughed Bill. "Wanna see a cool trick?"

Gideon didn't answer.

"IT'S CALLED GIVE ME THE AMULET!" Shouted Bill Cipher, his entire body engulfing in flames and his body now a crimson red, sparks shooting from every corner.

"Stay away from me, Demon!" 

This was the second time this evening that Gideon had addressed Bill as this but this time he was frightened by the triangles new appearance and no longer had the confidence like the first.

Gideon passed over the amulet and Bill returned to his usual state.

"Here you go, Gideon!" Said Bill, passing him the small purple box. "You know this will all end in disaster don't you?" 

"What do you mean?" Demanded Gideon.

"If you play the music all will change, I'm planning something big, use the motorbike! Bye!" 

There was a flash of blue as Bill left Gideon once again with 2 facts and one command. 




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