Almost like a drem (a Cameron Dallas fanfic)

Nanna is a normal girl.
She lives in L.A with her mom, dad and
One day her friends invites her to a party.
But what Nanna donsn't know is that that party are going to changes her life.


5. Trouble

The bed was soft. "You'll be okay in here right?" Cam asked. I smiled "sure" he nodded and walked over to his closet. He found a white t-shirt and gave it to me.

"Here you can sleep in this one" his hand touched mine when he gave me the t-shirt, and i got a weird feeling in my body. He walked out of the bedroom and closed the door.

I was alone in Cams room.

I started changing. I was almost naked, i was only wearing underwear when a guy opend the door. I screamed and took Cams t-shirt to cover my privateparts. It was Nash. He quickly closed his eyes and said "sorry" and then walked out the door.

I pulled the t-shirt over my head and walked over to the door and opend it. Nash was standing outside.

"Omg I'm so sorry" he said smiling. He had seen something.

I blushed. "Chill i didn't see that much" i looked at him with big eyes. He laught.

Suddenly Cameron came upstairs "oh you've met Nash" Nash just laugh and walked downstairs to his room. "Yeah..." I said and looked down. "What's wrong?" He asked. Omg i didn't want to tell him, it was so embaressing!

"Um, nothing" i fakesmiled. He raised his left eyebrow. I couldn't lie to him, i hated when people was lying to me so i couldn't lie to him.

"Okay, i was changing and then Nash walked in"

"And he saw you naked?"

"No not totally, but..." Cam laught.

"I really can't sleep down there, and as much as i want to give you this room for yourself... I can't. I know that you'll probably think that i could sleep on the bed right there" he pointed at one bed right next to us "but it's Carters and Matthew is also staying here soooo..." He bit his lip. And felt something weird. He was hot. And i got butterflyes in my stomach when i heard what he said, he had to sleep in same room as me! But i couldn't be in love, not already, we've just met eachother.

"Is okay if we both sleep in my room" butterflyes! Butterflyes!

"Yeah" i tried to act cool.

He walked over to the bed and looked at it "so how do we do?" He asked "i don't expect that you want to sleep next to me, you know we met yesterday" but actually i wanted to... Was that weird? "I dont care" i just said and laid down in the bed. He laught at me and laid down next to me.

We laied there just talking for like 20 minuts, and it was so... Nice. I felt like i really knew him even though i really didn't.

"It's late shouldn't we go to sleep?"

He sat up and looked down at me "not if you don't want to" He sended me a mysterious smile.

"I'm pretty tried" i gaped.

"Okay then we'll go to sleep" he took off his shirt and his pants, and were know only wearing his underwear. His six-pack were very well-marked and hus skin had a nice golden color.

I think he had noticed me starting at me because he said "is it okay if i sleep in this?" I nodded maybe a little bit to avid "okay he said" while he was laughing.

We laid down and just awkwardly looked at each other until i started laughing.

"You're very beautiful" he suddenly said. I felt the butterflyes getting bigger and bigger. Okay easy Nanna you're only friends and you've only known eachother for two days!

"Me? No way!" I blushed.

"Stop saying that" he said and made me look into his eyes.

"I really like you, eventhough we've only known eachother for almost three days" we both laught.


"Yeah, honestly i've felt like this before, you're a very good friend" av that one hurted. Friend? Is that the way he is with a friend? Because then i hoped that he didn't have a girlfriend.

I turned my back at him and tried to fall asleep, but i couldn't. The words that he just had said had hurted pretty bad. I think i was in love with him, but i didn't want to be.

"What's wrong?" Cam asked and tried to turn be around so i was facing him again (which ment that he had his han on my hip, which made the butterflyes in my stomach so big that it hurted).

"I'm just tried. Good night" i said and then i fell asleep.

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