Almost like a drem (a Cameron Dallas fanfic)

Nanna is a normal girl.
She lives in L.A with her mom, dad and
One day her friends invites her to a party.
But what Nanna donsn't know is that that party are going to changes her life.


3. Party night

I had walked for a long time when i finally saw the club. It looked more fancy than the other places i had seen or heard about.

A muscular man was standing at the door.

I took a deep breath and walked towards him.

I sended him a smile and tried to walk inside, but he stopped me.

"Excuse me" he was holdig me back.

"What?" I said innocent. People behind me were laughing and i felt so embarrassed.

"How old are you?" He asked.

Oh fuck! I almost forgot that i weren't 18 yet. What was i gonna to do?

"Um... I'm 18" i fakesmiled and suddenly saw a sign behind him saying: 50 $.

50$?! I only had like 35$!

"Can i se your ID?" He asked and waved his hand infront of my face.

I must have been in chock.

"I don't..." I didn't get any longer before the person behind me said "she's with me".

The man quickly moved away while the person behind me handed him 100 $.

I looked confused behind me and saw a well-known face, i just couldn't see exactly who.

Confused i turned around while saying "Thank you"

"No problem" he smiled at me, and then i saw who it was! Cameron Dallas!

I'd always loved his and Nash's vines.

"Hey aren't you Cameron Dallas?" I asked over the loud music.

He laught "yeah, that's me" Wow cool.

"What's your name?"

"Nanna" i smiled a shy smile.

"So Nanna, if you want to you can hang out with me and some of my friends" he said while smiling.

I didn't know what to do, i wanted to hang out with Cameron, but i came here to hang out with Caroline and Amalia. Omg it was so confusing! But then i thought about it, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was pretty cool that he wanted to hang out with me.

"Sure" he took my hand and pulled me towards a big table in the corner of the club. Four guys i haven't seen before were sitting at the table.

"Hey guys" Cameron said. The four guys said hi and smiled "this is Nanna" they said hi to me and smiled at me too.

We sat down. People were dancing and having fun. The music was so loud i couldn't even myself think. But it was pretty fun.

"Want something to drink Nanna?" One of the guys asked. Oh no i weren't old enough to drink.

"Oh, no thanks" i smiled "i don't drink"

He nodded and asked the other boys.

"So Nanna" Cameron began "tell us something about yourself" he put his arm around me. I got a little bit shocked, but it was okay.

"Um... I'm almost 18" they all looked at me with big eyes.

"How the hell did you come in?" One of the guys asked.

Cameron raised his hand. The guys laught. "Of course" the guy said "Cameron"

"More" Cameron said and looked like he really wanted to learn more about me.

"Okay, i with my mom, dad and sister and i don't like mustard" they laught.

I felt like we were friends. They were so nice. I noticed that Cameron hadn't removed his arm, but that was okay, i didn't know why but i trusted him.

Suddenly i saw Caroline and Amalia walk not far away from our table. I quickly hid under the table. Cameron sended me a weird look.

"What are you doing?" He asked with a funny tone.

"Well..." I said while I tried to find a comfortable position "you i actually snuck out... So my friends, that i was suppost to meet here, thinks that I'm at home, alone and bored"

"Oh" he said and the looked like nothing had happen.

After a while he tapped me on my soulder "they're gone" he smiled and helped me up.

"Wanna dance?" Cameron asked. No way, even though i could dance a little.

"I really wanted to, but it's getting pretty late sooo..."

"Oh yeah, of course" he smiled but i could see the disapointment in his eyes.

"But next time" i sended him a smile.

"Next time"

I ran as fast as i could towards the door when he suddenly yelled "wait Nanna!" Over the music. I almost didn't hear him. I ram back afraid of Caroline and Amalia to see me.

"What? Quick"

"Can i at least get your number?" I felt the butterflyes in my stomach. He wanted my number?

He was looking down. Aaawwww he was nervous.

I quickly wrote my number on his hand. He smiled a big smile at me.

"Bye" my heart was beating so fast.

"See ya"

And then i was gone.

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