Almost like a drem (a Cameron Dallas fanfic)

Nanna is a normal girl.
She lives in L.A with her mom, dad and
One day her friends invites her to a party.
But what Nanna donsn't know is that that party are going to changes her life.


4. No regrets

I woke up the next morning not knowing if yesterday with Cameron had been a dream or not.

I started eating my breakfast. Mom and dad wasn't home yet, and Tilde (my littlesister) was at a friends house, so i just enjoyed my alonetime.

I laied down on the couch and turned the tv on. There were nothing good so i turned the tv off again and decided to check Twitter, facebook and Instagram

Twitter nothing.

Instagram a few more followers, but that wasn't anything big.

Facebook nothing, WAIT WAHT?

Hollywoodlife had posted an article saying: "does Cameron Dallas have a new girlfriend? Click here to view the gallery"

I didn't know if i dared to. Finally i did it, i clikcked.

Omg you guys! Does Cameron Dallas have a new girlfriend? Last night Cameron were spotted on a fancy club in L.A holdig hands and having his arm around a mysterious girl! They were apparently having a lot of fun, but later on the girl left. We think that they look so cute together, what do you guys think?! Leave it in the comments below. We'll be back with more exciting news about Cam and his mysterious girlfriend soon.

Under the text were three pictures of me and Cameron. I took a good look at them all. The first one: okay good, you couldn't see my face on that one. Second ond: oh crap! You could clearly see that it was me on the picture. What if Caroline and Amalia saw this? Or worse what if my parents did?!

I took a deep breath. I needed to talk to Cameron, like right now. But shit! I only gave him my number, i never got his! What was i supposed to do?!

I got on Twitter and was about to text him when i got a message. It was from Cameron!

He wrote: "Hey Nanna *smiley face* It's Cameron. Remember me? I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out and maybe grab some dinner later?"

I quickly texted: "sure. I actually need to talk to you *smiley fave* how about... 16:30pm?"

After three minuts he responded: "Cool, see ya"

After a while it was 15:00pm and i started getting ready. I just wanted to wear something comfy, so i picked out a pair of black jeans, a oversize darkblue t-shirt from Brandy Melville, a black choker necklace and some black leather boots.

For my makeup i just kept i natural. And i just let my hair down.

I took my bag, my keys and my phone, and then i left.

We had planned to meet up at a small cafe in the middel of L.A.

When got there he was sitting at one of the tabels waving at me. I waved back and sended him a smile. I sat down on the chair facing him.


"Hey" he smiled and gave me the menu "are you hungry?" He asked. I was, i was really hungry.

"Omg yes. I haven't ate anything since 10:45" i told him while i searched after something healthy on the menu si i wouldn't look totally unhealthy, which i were...

"Do you know what you want?" Cameron asked. I nodded and said "the salad" he smiled and got up to the disk where a girl started flittig with him, but he just ignored it. I laught a little. He came back with the salad and sanwich.

"So you wanted to talk to me about...?"he took a bite of his sanwich.

"Oh yeah!" How should i tell him without our friendship (because we were friends right?" Being totally awkward "you know i saw this article"

He nodded "yeah?"

"And it was about you" he didn't look surprised "so i read it, aaaand... It's about us"

His eyes got big "us?"

"Yeah, here read it" i showed him the article and the read it.

Suddenly three girls were over at our table. "Hey" they said "can we get a picture?" Cameron posed for a picture with them. "Would you mind taking the picture?" One of the girls asked. They all seemed very sweet "of course" i said and took her phone. I took the picture gave her her phone back and then they walked away.

Cameron laught a bit.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked. Was it something ii had done?

"It's just people sees me with one girl" he looked down "amd then I'm apparently dating her"

I felt sorry for him. But still he was happy for his career.

"That sucks..." He nodded and then smiled "but I'm still glad that u met you though" i blushed.

We were done eating. "So are you just going home now or?" Cameron asked.

"Not if you want me to stay" he took my hand and began to sing "oh won't you stay with me" i laught. "We could go to my place?" I nodded and walked with him to his car. We got in and began to drive.

"There's a bit messy so don't freak out" i wouldn't my room was a mess to.

"Trust me i won't"

He opend the door to him, Carter and Nash's apartment. It was pretty nice, but still messy though.

"Nice" i said while i was looking around.

"Thanks. So what do you wanna do?"

"Hmmm..." I took an extra look at the apartment "talk. Watch a movie" he nodded, found his laptop and searched after a film on Netflix.

I suddenly got a text. Oh shit, it was from my mom. She wrote: "what the hell Nanna? What are all theese pictures of you with a strange boy in a nightclub? You're in soooo much trouble Young ladie!"

But you know what, i didn't care because i had met Cameron and i actually really liked him... I had no regrets.

"Hey do you think i could spend the night?" Cameron laught "spend the night?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah i don't wanna go home... My mom is so mad at me. Please Cameron!" He smiled.

"Okay i'll sleep on the couch, and... Call me Cam"

I felt the butterflyes in my stomach "thanks Cam"

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