Almost like a drem (a Cameron Dallas fanfic)

Nanna is a normal girl.
She lives in L.A with her mom, dad and
One day her friends invites her to a party.
But what Nanna donsn't know is that that party are going to changes her life.


2. It's not fair!

It was friday morning and i was ready to aske my parents if i could go ti the party.

Yeah i know a bit late maybe, but i had been so nervous.

I got downstairs.

My mom and dad were talking in the kitchen while my mom was making breakfast.

"God morning" my dad said when he saw me.

I got a sinking feeling.

"Hey" i said quitly. As i ate my breakfast i thought about how i was gonna ask them.

All of the ideas in my head sounded stupid.

"Hey mom" i suddenly said.

"What is it sweety?"

I panicked. What was i going to tell her?

"Um... I..." She frowned.


"I'm... Spending the night at Carolines" i answered quickly in panic.

"Okay, that's fine" she smiled a big smile "your dad and i are going out anyways"

Going out? They hadn't done that since i was like... 13.

"Oh that sounds great" i nodded "well i need to go to school so... Bye!" I grapped my stuff and was out of the house in less than a minute.

After school

I found Caroline and Amalia at their lockers.

They were whispering about something.

"So..." I said. They both turned around and smiled at me. "What are you guys talking about?" Or whispering about?

"Oh it's just the party" Amalia said "we don't want everyone to be there you know..."

I nodded and smiled.

"But i have to tell you something" in one sec i thought about how wrong it had been for me to lie about going to the party, but i didn't think about it long enough to notice.

"Yeah, sure what is it?" They asked. "Um... I may or may not have told my parents that i was spendig the night at your place" i bite my lip and pointet at Caroline.

"But you told them about the party?" Caroline asked. I squeezed my eyes "noooo" i said as quit as i could.

"Nanna" Amalia said serious "then you can't go with us..."

"Okay, okay! I'll ask them right know" i took my phone and called my mom.

"Hey sweety" i could hear the nice and wellknown sound of my moms voice.

"Hey mom"

"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing, i was just wondering if i could go to a party to night?"

"A party?"

"Yeah, just me, Caroline and Amalia"

"Oh honey i don't think that's a good idea"

I felt the disapointment. Really i was almost 18!

"Oh mom please! I'm almost 18!"

"Just stop it Nanna, i won't let you og and that's it. Buy" and then she hung

Really?! I was so mad. I could feel the angers in my stomach.

Caroline and Amalia looked disapointed.

"I'm sorry girls..."

"It's okay, we'll do it another time" i fakesmiled and walked home.

When i got home my mom and dad was already gone.

I looked at my watch. 17:15.

I looked in my closet. My new dress i'd bought for like one month ago hung right there. I had waited so long to find a special event to wear it on. And since monday, when Caroline and Amalia asked me to the party i thought that i actually were going to wear it.

I took the dress. It was a tight, black, knee-lenght dress which showed off the my back. I pulled it on, took some makeup on, let my dark hear down and took one some black high heels (but i still had my sneakers in my bag just in case).

I wasn't such a girly girl. I almost never wore skirts and dresses, but today... I don't know... I felt girly.

I looked into the mirror. "Guess who's going to a party".

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