Almost like a drem (a Cameron Dallas fanfic)

Nanna is a normal girl.
She lives in L.A with her mom, dad and
One day her friends invites her to a party.
But what Nanna donsn't know is that that party are going to changes her life.


1. A normal day

I woke up early.

It was still dark outside.

I decided to wear a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt and a flannel.

I brushed my teeth and hair and walked downstairs. My mom was in the kitchen. I could smelled the bacon.

"God morning sweety" she said with her morningvoice.

"Morning" i answered while i gaped.

"Ready for school?" She asked.

"Never" i said trying to sound as tried as possible.

I was done eating so i grabbed my stuff and started walking to school.

I halfway when a black Audi slowed down and rolled down the right window.

"Oh see who it is" Tammy (the schools bitch) was making fun of me like always.

"Don't you have enough money to buy yourself a car?" Her face was covered with a lot of makeup. I almost didn't use any makeup, only conceler, brownpen and mascara.

"I don't need one" i answered without looking at her.

"Yeah right" and then she quickly drove away as fast as she could.

I hated her! I really did. She was so me evil. My friends always told me that she only dis what she did because she was jealous of me. I wansn't unpopular, i had to admit that i was a bit popular. But i just ignored her.

After school

I decided to join Caroline and Amalia (to of my best friends on starbucks.

"Hey girl" Amalia said and made a funny face to make laugh, and i did.

"We wanted to ask you something" Caroline said when i sat down.

Oh no. Not some kind of girldrama. Please god.

"What is it?" I fakesmiled.

"We were wondering if you wanted to come with us to a party fridaynight?"

"What kind of paty?"

"Just..." Amalia didn't get any longer before Caroline said "it's this huge party where all the cool kids comes, so please join us" she smiled a big smile and i could just see how much she wanted me to be there with them.

"Okay i'll ask my parents"

I got home and went to my room. I layed down on my bed and while i was checking facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Ugh my life was so boring!

I actually wanted to go to that party... I just didn't know how. My mom and dad would never let me leave, eventhough i was almost 18.

It was late and i needed to go to bed. I brushed my teeth and removed my makeup. I throwed on a black oversize t-shirt and let my darkbrown, wave-curly hair out and soon i was fallen a sleep.

Next chapter coming soon!

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