Will you? (A Liam Payne FanFiction)

Kelsey Forde.
Nobody knows her name.Nobody cares for her.
Her father beats her.Her mother is never around.Her sister lives with her boyfriend in another country.She's 17.I doubt anyone cares.
Will He?
Will Liam?
Will you?....


9. {chapter 7}

I knock on the door.To Lukes.Dont ask why.

I'm still in tears.he opens the door.his mouth drops when he sees me."Kelsey" "come in"he says and I walk into his apartment.i fall into his arms and cry,"Kelsey,What's wrong sit down here"he says leading me to the couch,"L-Liam he b-broke up w-with m-me"I cry into his shoulder "shhhhh"he says and hugs me."come here,why don't you stay the night,we'll watch a few movies and we can order Chinese food and just chill out" "yeah I'd like that"I smile and he returns one."I'm sorry Luke,how I acted the other day" "don't be,id do the same"he replies.

"So what do you wanna order in the Chinese?"he asks,"Can I have sweet and sour?" "Sure"he says and calls in our order."Can we watch The Purge?" I ask,"yeah"he replies.He puts in the movie.I lie into his arms and we watch the movie.This is the Luke I missed.

I woke up the next morning still in Lukes arms. "LUKEYYY"I say tapping his leg,"Kelsey what times it?"he asks,"11:30"I yawn."Make breakfast"he replies,"why me?" "Cos the men have to work" "and they can't cook?" "No" "where do we work then?" I ask,"the kitchen"he replies dashing a smile,"Bitch that's where the knifes are"I reply,"oooohhhh feisty".i get up and put sausages and eggs on the pan.

"Did Liam tell you why he broke up with you?" Luke asks,"no,he just said he was going on tour" "oh" "so it wasn't because of Rebekah?" "Who's Rebekah?"I ask,"oh umm she's umm a friend of Liam's" "she was his first kiss" he adds."oh","who was your first kiss"I ask,"you".He simply replies. "Me too"I add.

A/n:hey guys,hope your enjoying this!Comment team 'Kiam' or 'luksey' x

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