Will you? (A Liam Payne FanFiction)

Kelsey Forde.
Nobody knows her name.Nobody cares for her.
Her father beats her.Her mother is never around.Her sister lives with her boyfriend in another country.She's 17.I doubt anyone cares.
Will He?
Will Liam?
Will you?....


7. {Chapter 5}

"Luke?" I question."Kelsey!"he runs over to me and I jump I to his arms."Oh like I missed you so much" "I'm so sorry"he says.Then I realise everyone else is staring at us.

"I knew Luke for 10 years,he was,he was my best friend until one day he moved to Australia!"I exclaim.


"What's your name?"the blonde boy asks."My name is Kelsey,what's your?" "Luke" "well Luke do you wanna be best friends?"my 4 year old self asks."Yeah"he replys.

*10 years later*

"Lukey where are you going?" "I'm moving Kelsey"he explains,"but--" "I'm sorry Kelsey,Well keep in touch though"he says I look into his eyes.I crash my lips into his and we kiss passionately,I gently pull away."Bye Kelsey " he says and walks into his car.

That was the last time I saw Or heard from Luke.

End of flashback

"Oh well that's cool"Liam says."Do ye want some time alone?"Liam's asks,"yeah,thanks liam"I say and peck him on the lips.

"So why didn't you contact me?"I ask."I forgot" "you forgot?You forget 10 freaking years of your life?"I exclaim."I thought you forgave me" "forgive you?Luke,I hugged you because I was in shock!nit because I was happy to see you!" "What about the kiss?" "I was 14 Luke" "So?" "And I'm happy with Liam now" "pfffttt Liam!Kelsey,you bearly know him!you know me like the back on your hand" "no Luke,I used to" I say "tell Liam to call me,you know the thing you do with the phone?no you wouldn't!"I shout and walk out the door.

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