Will you? (A Liam Payne FanFiction)

Kelsey Forde.
Nobody knows her name.Nobody cares for her.
Her father beats her.Her mother is never around.Her sister lives with her boyfriend in another country.She's 17.I doubt anyone cares.
Will He?
Will Liam?
Will you?....


6. {Chapter 4}

"What?"Liam replies shocked."Kiss her"Harry tells again."10 seconds"Niall adds.Liam looks at me as if to say "Sooooo"."Let's just get it over with"I say and Harry cheers.

We lock eyes,His lips crash into mine and Harry Starts to count the seconds.


"9,10" and I pull away.

2 weeks later.

I decided that I'm gonna stay at Liam's for a while.Its fun having the boys around.

No Liam and I aren't dating,Although he has been hinting it.saying things like "Ya things will be different next year" and "would you rather date me or date me?" Cheeky I know:).

"Kelsayaaaaa" "LEEEEEEYUMMMMM" "are you MAKEING pancakes"Liam shouts from upstairs,"MAYYYYYBEEEE" I reply.He comes running downstairs."pancakes!"he shouts.

I decide to play some games.I take a spoon out of the press and scoop in some mixture.I throw the spoon at Liam."Oh no you didn't" "oh yes I did!"I reply sticking out my tongue.before I could run I was on Liam's shoulder."Liam let me gooooo"I scream,"Nope"he says and pops the p.when he finally let's me down he puts his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck.Our lips crashed together and moved in sync."Kelsey ,oh Kelsey"he says,I giggle."Kelsey,Will you be my girlfriend?" "I thought you'd never ask"I reply and kiss him once more.

2 hours later.

Liam and I are all snuggled up on his couch.

"Can I ask you something?" He asks,

"Sure"I reply, "What happened the day I found you?"I asked. "Well,My mom is never around.Shes always gone to her job or-

"Wait,Your mom doesn't know where you are?" "no and she doesn't care" "anyway"I add,"My dad would always beat me,And I'd try my best to stay in my room all day,And then I just didn't eat.I had no friends in school and nobody cared about me"I begin to cry,"You dont have to continue" "thanks"I thank Liam.

4 months later.

Liam and I are still dating.Were better than ever.Im going on tour with the boys next month.My father or mother has not found me.

"Kels?"I hear Liam say,"Yes" "Dya mind if I bring my friends over?"he says very high pitched,"sure thing babe"I reply in an American accent.

1 hour later

4 boys around 18 or 19 walk into our apartment."Lads"Liam shouts "Paynoooo"they all reply.

"Luke?"I question.

Is it really Luke Hemming?The Luke I knew?

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