Will you? (A Liam Payne FanFiction)

Kelsey Forde.
Nobody knows her name.Nobody cares for her.
Her father beats her.Her mother is never around.Her sister lives with her boyfriend in another country.She's 17.I doubt anyone cares.
Will He?
Will Liam?
Will you?....


3. {Chapter 2}

I spot a place with a lot of trees.It looks like somewhere you would go to run or walk.I sit down in my bag underneath a tree and try my hardest to stay out of anyone's sight.Then it begins to rain.Great.

Ive been sat here for 10 minutes.Ive spent them minutes on my phone playing flappy bird.

"Are you alright love?"I hear someone say.I look up to see a boy.He's around my age,he has brown hair and really cute dimples.He is wearing a England jumper and grey baggy trousers with converse like mine.This guy looks familiar.....


"Yeah I'm fine"I reply,"Look,I know your not okay,your sitting here with a bag in the pouring rain,and if you don't know who I am I'm in a band and I really need to get back so are you coming or not?".I get up of my bag and follow him to his car.

"So what's your name?"he asks me."Kelsey Forde" "I'm Liam Payne"he replies,"Nice to meet you Liam"I say."So why were you there?"he asks as he begins to drive. "I rather not talk about it" I huff,"That's okay".He's nice.

We arrive at Liam's apartment.It beautiful."You can have the spare room it's upstairs to the right" "thanks,I promise I'll be 2 weeks tops"I say,"Stay as long as you want!"he exclaims,"It gets lonely sometimes"he replies.

I walk up to the room I was assigned.I guess it's now my room.I put my very little clothing items in the wardrobe and realise I forgot pajamas.SHIT!

I walk back downstairs.I realise what's going on .I'm homeless.More or less.I suddenly burst into tears.

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