Will you? (A Liam Payne FanFiction)

Kelsey Forde.
Nobody knows her name.Nobody cares for her.
Her father beats her.Her mother is never around.Her sister lives with her boyfriend in another country.She's 17.I doubt anyone cares.
Will He?
Will Liam?
Will you?....


2. {Chapter 1}

A/n:please read the prologue or you will be utterly confused x

{Will you?

L• P fanfiction





"You ugly bitch"my dad shouts at me and he walks me with a pan."Dad"I cry,"Don't call me that I'm too ashamed of you!"He shouts back and I cry as the pain gets too much"

I run up to my room and lock the door.I get my highly used knife and start to do what I do all the time.Cut myself.

End of flashback

It's summer.I hate summer.I have nowhere to go other than my house.I usually just stay in my room and read the hunger games books.I don't eat anything.I don't like food.I take one bite of a banana.Im full.Ive been asked numerous times by other people,even on the streets,If I'm okay."Fine"is always the answer.Im 16 and I weigh 5 stone.I should weigh11.5 stone.Im 5'6.reasonably tall.

I always think to myself that I should escape.He'd surely find me."You don't know unless you try?"I think to myself.

I hop out of my bed.I grab my pink Adidas bag and I put in,2 pairs of jeans,1 pair of leggings,3 crop tops,and 1 jumper.

I put on my pair of legging with my blue baggy jumper.I pop my hip length golden hair in a messy bun.I grab my white converse and the £200 pounds that I have been saving for the past year.

I grab the bag of my bed and carefully climb out my window onto the trampoline.I come of the trampoline and start to run.I run,run,run for about 20 minutes until I'm in a place I have never seen before.

There's traffic lights,shops,apartments,A beach and there is people.Where I lived we were the only house on my road.Then I remembered,I had nowhere to go.

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