In the far future, after a terrible war. The land of Valhurst, came to life. Everyday would be like the last, until Abbie decides she wants to do things her own way. But not by decision, in her State, they are kind and helpful, but, she knows that's not her. She knows she's stubborn and good at fighting. So, will she get the appeal to go to the adventurous state? Or will she be forced to stay where she is? Will she take no for an answer?


1. Prolouge




There all words to describe my State. To describe all the people in it. It's supposed to describe all of us. But one person doesn't fit in. Me.

I'm supposed to not cause trouble, if someone asks me to do something, don't question it. But I know deep down, that's not me. I'm not kind. I'm not intelligent. But dangerous, sporty and lively, is what I am. I'm Valiant.

I live in a worthless house in a worthless town in a useless State. I lead a boring life, Defenceless, everyone walks in straight lines and never dares to tread on a 'dangerous' path. Everyone superstitious, we had all the black cats killed in all of Valhurst, which disgusted all of the other States. They had all out paths cleared of any cracks last year when this old woman complained about a few of them. They never walk under ladders, only the very few people who don't really mind about trusting ladders to fix roofs are our builders. But as for me, I love cats, I couldn't care less about cracks in the pavement and, if a ladders falls on me, oh well! The only thing that Valiants are afraid of, is themselves. Of not doing the right thing.

I'm the only person like this, not in the right place, I think...

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