In the far future, after a terrible war. The land of Valhurst, came to life. Everyday would be like the last, until Abbie decides she wants to do things her own way. But not by decision, in her State, they are kind and helpful, but, she knows that's not her. She knows she's stubborn and good at fighting. So, will she get the appeal to go to the adventurous state? Or will she be forced to stay where she is? Will she take no for an answer?


7. Chapter 6- Phase 2

We all sat there in silence, Jay walked out the door before any of us could say any thing. These challenges were death threatening. I looked at Camilla who was now trying to hold back tears. The speakers on the walls then squealed,

"Visitors, whoever comes last in the next challenge, will be sent home. No questions asked. This now brung Camilla to tears and Ben went to go and comfort. Peter scooted over towards me. I looked at him and he smiled.

"What have you got to say?" I asked, leaning my head on my hand, it was pushing a lot of pressure on my leg, which was making it hurt.

"I was just wondering if you wanted-" he started to ask me a question but, Ben pulled him away to go and lift so e weights. Me and Camilla decided to follow them, as we had nothing else to do.

When we got there, we switched on all the lights and we saw Jay lifting the lightest weight with ease.

"Why are you here?" Ben stupidly asked, Camilla slapped him round the back of the head, before Jay got up and stood in front of Ben.

"Come with me." He stated as he grabbed the collar of Bens shirt and tugged it towards the pitch black corridor that I assume lead to Jays office. They walked into the lit room and closed the door behind them. I turned to face Peter, who was standing to the right of me.

"What were you going to say?" I asked, wanting a complete answer, I don't want a, 'I don't know'. I want a full answer.

"Oh, I was going to ask if you wanted to go out...with...me?" He asked, you could see his hands trembling and his hair was all messed up again. My favourite. His eyes locked on mine and I just knew what I had to say. But I didn't know if I wanted to, I didn't want a boyfriend, we both could be out in the next phase, we don't know who will lose. I looked at him again and I just knew I wanted to be his, I mean he would just ask me again everyday until that day until we have to leave.

"Yeah, sure." I smiled up at him, Camilla oblivious of what just happened, was lifting weights when the lights cut off.

"What the?!" Shouted Peter as I instantly wrapped my arms around his waist. We saw a torch light from the corridor and Jays gloomy face peered out of the door. We couldn't see the holder of the torch. But the only thing I could consent rate on was being wrapped in Peters arms, I was safe, I felt completely safe, and whatever happened tommorrow, I wouldn't mind, because of this totally perfect moment.

The light soon clicked back on,

"Power cut." Jay shouted as all the lights sizzled above us, being powered again. Ben switched off the light and shook hands with Jay, they must of made some kind of agreement.

In the morning, I woke up, sprawled on my bed, I couldn't stay in one shape for the whole night, it was impossible. I looked across from me and I saw Peters gleaming face looking back at me. I smiled and waved a cute little wave at him. He waved back and made a weird face. I silently laughed to myself and a ear piercing screech went through the speakers.

"Visitors, be on the field in five minutes." The voice ordered, me and Peter hopped up at the same time. We all got dressed as quickly as we could and ran to the field. Realising we only had two minutes left. The field, doesn't that mean, running? I slowed down after I thought of that circumstance. And it turned out I was right,

"The last one to run around the field once, goes home." We all lined up, me and Peter stood next to each other, not knowing what the outcome would be. I was scared, I didn't want Peter, Camilla or myself to lose. The only one I didn't mid losing was Ben. We heard a gun start, who would win?

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