In the far future, after a terrible war. The land of Valhurst, came to life. Everyday would be like the last, until Abbie decides she wants to do things her own way. But not by decision, in her State, they are kind and helpful, but, she knows that's not her. She knows she's stubborn and good at fighting. So, will she get the appeal to go to the adventurous state? Or will she be forced to stay where she is? Will she take no for an answer?


6. Chapter 5- Challange

I looked at him long and hard for a minute or so, I didn't remember Jay mentioning a challenge.

"You know, we have to walk along boiling hot coals?" The other dude got up from his seat and spoke, boiling hot coals? No way was I ever going to be in Valiant.

"Don't scare the poor girl Peter!" The muscular boy shouted,

"My names James, that's Ben, never mind him, his thinks he's all that." He said loudly so Ben could hear him. I laughed and James pulled me aside from the others. I was comfused, what did he want to say?

"I know your really good and probably going to get into Valiant-" he spoke, I don't want to get my hopes up to soon, "but can you sort if dial it down?" He asked, I narrowed my eyes until they were slits, what did he mean? Dial it down?

"What? Is it because your afraid of a bit of competition?"

"No, but how else am I going to impress you?" He left with that, he walked away and went to go and talk to Ben. He was muscular, I'm sure he could beat me,

"What did he say?" Asked the girl which name I learned to be Camilla.

"He said that he just wanted to impress me."

"You know what this means, don't you?!"

"I have no clue..."

"When James likes someone, he impresses them, but if he asks them out and they say yes. He doesn't give up trying, until he gets a yes. He liked someone in first grade before, he didn't get over her till three years ago!" She yelled, she didn't know how to keep convocations secret. Thank God that they didn't hear, they didn't even look over at us.

"Can all Visitors go to the swimming pool?" The speakers blared, we all looked at each other and sighed. The swimming pool didn't sound like boiling hot coals. I wonder what we had to do?

I walked with Camilla and Peter with Ben behind because he got trapped under a weight and no one would help him up. They both lead me to the swimming pool because I had no idea of where I had to go.

"Come on Ben!" Peter exclaimed, Ben looked up from the grates on the floor and ran towards us. He turned tired very quickly from running that very short distance. Camilla flicked her bleach blond hair into his face. Peter and I laughed, Camilla was completely oblivious of what she had just done. Ben pushed her forward and she landed just in front of where Jay was standing. Laying at his black boots she stayed there until he ordered otherwise.

"Valiants have an uncanny balance. You'll go first." He insisted as he kicked Camilla in the shoulder softly. She got up from a helping hand from Ben. Jay lead us to the biggest swimming pool ever.

"Get in." He ordered as he pointed at Camilla.

"But I-"

"Do you have a swimsuit?"


"Well, that solves that problem then doesn't it?" He laughed, but then quickly became serious. Camilla slowly got into the pool fully clothed. Her clothes went all dark and her hair went from bleach blonde to dirty blonde.

"Now, you go to the bottom of the pool, and you will find one hoop. You bring it up. If you take more than one try, your out." Jay smiled as he sat on the edge of the pool. Camilla looked at us for a word of advice. I just hoped she would go this, I've only known her for a few minutes, but I wanted her to succeed, even if I didn't. Same goes for Peter and Ben.

Camilla breathed a big breathing disappeared into the deep water bellow. How long could that girl hold her breath for? My heart started really fast when the timer went off for one minute. Was she still under there, holding her breath? I tried to hold my breath for the same time as her, but I'd given up a few seconds ago. I then saw bubbles on the waters surface. I lent in and I saw Camilla swim up, face not red. Completely calm. We all clapped, everyone but Ben who was completely freaking out.

After Ben and Peter had come up completely fine, I thought it wasn't that hard. It was then my turn. Jay was now getting impatient, I was putting it off so much, I asked him how to spell Mississippi.

"Abbie, if you don't get into that pool now, you'll be going home." Jay explained, I jumped into the pool and quickly took a big breath. Before diving down, I looked at Peter and he was messing up his hair again. I defiantly wanted to see that again...

I heard clapping whist I was going down, I looked around the blue walls. I felt the sudden urge to breathe, but I knew I couldn't. I knew I was running out of air. Fast. I noticed a coloured ring at the bottom of the pool and swam down towards it, my throat now hurting from the lack of air. But I just kept telling myself, it will be over when you get that hoop. I reached out for it and my hand instantly hit something, hard. It was glass, my whole life flashed before my eyes, I couldn't get the hoop, if there was glass in my way. But I wasn't going to give up. I looked down and I saw a small blue button and I hit it without thinking about the options. What would happen. A small, thin hoop came from above the water, Jay must of thrown it. I grabbed hold of it, whist on my way up. And I reached the waters surface. I instantly took the biggest breath out I ever took. I seriously didn't think I was going to do that. The others looked at Jay and jumped in to join me in the swimming pool.

After we'd done celebrating, Jay came into our dorm and announced something,

"That's only phase one, two more to go."

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